The Next Person To Reply Gets--

I’m bored so I came up with this. I say “The next person to reply gets…” and name something I can make for them. The next person to reply gets it! (eg: The next person to reply gets an overlay.) You can’t say the password AND offer something in the same reply.

To reply and get your prize, reply with the daily password, and please blur it! The daily password is muffins. ONLY when I’ve liked your reply you can PM me to claim your prize. Example:
The next person to reply gets a splash :sunny:

daily password here

NOTICE: You can’t exchange your prize for something else

I’ll start:

The next person to reply gets a background by me :heart:


Cake <3

Next person to reply gets a Outline Custom or not!

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can you only be an artist or editor to reply?

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To claim the prize? Anyone can claim it, they just have to reply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and to offer something, you can’t. Only I can do that :wink:

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oU okay that makes sense

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Can it be anything?

The next person to reply gets a chapter or two read of their story and insta shout out?

Like, I know this would only apply to writers…

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But maybe people just offer what they can, and wait for something you actually would like. Editors offer edits. Readers offer reads. :man_shrugging:

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I like this tho.

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Next person to reply gets 3 episodes of their story read (by the request of @Talu) :honey_pot:

I’m still confused. Do you give all of the prizes then? Or are we offering to do something for the next person?

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No, that’s not how it works. Sorry to break it to you :skull: I say the next person gets, and the next person replies with the password. Then they PM me to get their prize etc. Then I offer something new, and it repeats. No one but me can offer stuff because it got a bit out of hand on the last topic.

You can’t offer something yourself, only I can :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay I finally got it



Looks like I get three episodes of my story read!? hahahaha