The nightmare begins. (CLOSED)


Hello guys! This is going to be so much fun! But before we get into it, I need to lay out the plot.

Sometimes bad things happen, everybody screws up. One mistake and everything blows up in your face. You’ll soon realize this in the quant town of Willows Creek. An Ouija board sounded like a fun, until you realize if you play with fire; you’re going to get burned. A large amount of supernatural creatures AREN’T IN THIS STORY (like werewolves, or vampires, )exist, but the story will mostly be about demons and ghost. (Sorry guys, I’d explain more about the plot, but the rest is supposed to be us continuing the plot together)
There are a few rules.

  1. cursing is allowed, but please put a little * over whatever word you’re using.
  2. Intimate scenes are fine, as long as you DO NOT go into detail. (Best way is to just leave it by going into the bedroom)
  3. Romance is encouraged.
  4. No racist slurs, no homophobic speech, and don’t encourage violence, drugs, sexual abuse, ect.
  5. Write all of your details about your character’s below. Thanks so much!



I brushed a piece of my caramel brown out of my face, as I let out a sign. Math was so boring. Hopefully the girls would have something for us to do while my parents were out of town.


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Why Was I sat in the back of math class I don’t now? but the girl infront of me was talking to her friends wish I had friends and not be a outsider…



I mean I’am a loner…i just started to doddle in my book…


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ORP - Don’t appoligize. I just didn’t want you to have to go through the trouble. All is well.


I turned around slightly to see that girl… Ultima. She looked super nice, and I always liked her name. I could tell from her expression, her aroma was a white; For nervousness. @UltimaW



I looked Up and saw Selene looking at me I gave a tiny wave and a smile and went back to drawing…


I smiled back, she seemed pretty friendly. I turned back around to Eliza, who was staring at me angrily. “What?” I whispered, not sure of what I did wrong.



I looked up again and saw Eliza she seemed angry I thought nothing of it I thought she was just in a mood…


“We don’t socialize with the outcasts.” I said, flipping my hair. Who would even want to hang out with that freak?



I heard Eliza say my name and freak im uset to hate so I didt bother me that much I just went back to drawing



“Selene seems friendly” I muttered under my breath…


I looked at Ultima with a smile. “Meet me after school.” I whispered, happily. Screw Eliza! I do what I want. @UltimaW



I wrote a note saying “okay were at?” and threw it to Selene…hoping that Eliza wouldn’t catch it…



I’d rush into class, out of breath.
“ Am I late? “ I practically shouted, holding my stomach.



I stared but I shook my head the teacher hadn’t arrived yet…and went back to drawing



I sighed a breath of relief, sitting down in an empty desk. I’d yawn.

“This was not how I wanted to start my first day… “ I’d mutter…



I threw a note to Oasis Saying “the teacher hasn’t even arrived yet”