“The Not So Royal Wedding” (Feedback Needed)

Hey Guys! I published “The Not So Royal Wedding”! So far I have three episodes but I have more! I just want to publish them one episode at a time so people can catch up and shit. Go follow me on Instagram : episode_sierra


Do you need any art

And I read it

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I do need art but I know for a fact that you don’t read my story because I published it like 10 minutes ago and it says no reads yet :disappointed_relieved:

I read your story would you like some feedback?

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Absolutely! I’m happy to hear what everyone thinks (btw I know the episodes are short)

First of all the episode might have not been the longest in the world but it was not to short…so don’t worry about that. When you are writing I would make sure that every sentence has an anamation to go with it just to give the story some action. Also I would make sure that you take you time writing your story just because I know most people would rather read a well thought out story then a rushed mess…(but saying your story is) and the last thing is that I noticed there was a lot of panning to different zones. I would say just cut down on the panning a bit just becasue for me it became a little to much. Other then that I really like the theme of your story and I hope you continue to write.

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Hope that helps:)

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It does! Thank you SO much! And ya I know it might seem a bit rushed because it is my first story so I was eager to finish it… But thanks for your feedback!

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