The Official Dash Art Thread


Heyo! I’m Dash (my other thread was made by one of my friends) I do cover art, splashes, character edits, overlays, outlines and profile pictures. I can do art scenes, but I’m not very experienced. Now for examples!

Profile Picture

image More to come!

Character Edits

More to come!


More to come!

Cover Art

Password: Tractortrailor
More to come!


image image image


  • NO drama, please!

  • If you request you must fill out the form below.

  • I might take longer than expected sometimes, so please don’t rush me!

  • Please and thank you are key

  • If you request, hide the password like this.

Okay, now for the form!

Theme: Classic Ink or Limelight
How many characters:
Your choice: Picture of the characters in their poses or their details.
Author Name:
Good Luck writing your story!


I like your examples!


Thank you!


I recommend using dip pen hard size 1.0 or 1.2


Thanks for the feedback!


I would like to request

Hi I’m back again and don’t have time to make splashes for my new story since I’m writing it :blush: I’ll leave character details at the end… WILL GIVE CREDIT AND. SHOUTOUT IF WANTED

I want one that says “This Story Contains Mature Themes And Strong Language” I want that one to be of the Mint haired guy holding the fawn haired girl in like wedding style with a smirk on his face and her smiling maybe add a knife to her hand that she is sorta hiding from him I want them both in the outfits they are in, in the photo…

For “This Story Contains Sounds and Music” I just want a closeup of the black haired girl doing a headbob with earbuds in (not the headphones drawn ones)

For “To Be Continued” I would like the mint haired guy to have the fawn haired girl on one of his shoulders and holding her knee and the same thing for the black haired girl on the other side

If this is too hard let me know…


When do you need them by?


Hopefully before the 4th but if not let me know :grin:


I can try!


Thank you so much!!!


Would you like them drawn or edited to the way you’d like?


Drawn :blush:


Are they close to being finished? :grin:


I’m sorry but I am actually starting school so I have to prepare. I hope you find someone who can do it…