The Official Reddit Thread

Is it just me, or does anybody else not get how Reddit users are super smart. They figured out Cicada, solved murder cases, they can basically do anything. Then the stories they post are… disturbing sometimes…

So. Let’s be like them…?

First question, What is the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you?

I honestly haven’t had anything supernatural happen to me… so…

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I don’t understand??

please don’t kill me

…what don’t you understand?

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what is reddit?


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what is reddit?

yeahh what is that

I think calling them all smart would be an exaggeration since every site can have their intelligent and less intelligent people ,but yeah some of the stuff they did are pretty impressive. So kudos to them! :smile:


It’s a website where you can post random banter and stuff. But it’s also where people solved murder cases, internet mysteries, whether somebody’s stalking them, what happened to users under unusual circumstances that disappeared, etc.


Reddit is so awesome - I love this idea!

Right, kinda creepy thing that happened to me was (but nobody believes this happened to me):

I was at home with my mum when I was younger (maybe around 5 yrs old or something? and we were cuddling on the sofa. Then, this hand was covered in maybe charcoal? Just peeked through the window - it made a gesture of come here and I was thinking to myself “hey is this mickey mouse? Imma go disneyland.” However, I just stayed put and my mum got up to see what it was. The hand then disappeared and I assumed it was my dad but he was fast asleep (we know because he snores like a snorlax).


The creepiest thing that has ever happened to me. This is going to sound completely strange and I’ve never told anyone. So don’t judge! I was about 14 and tried the whole Bloody Mary thing. Nothing happened during, but the next two days were weird. First day, nothing electronically would work for me :persevere:. I didn’t believe in that stuff, but two days later my grandmother passed away. So that’s probably the creepiest thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t mess with anything supernatural anymore​:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I certainly am interested in this kind of topic! And I agree that a lot of Reddit users are intelligent. I’d say 4Chan users are the most intelligent (but really weird), then Reddit and then Yahoo answers.

(And I watched a video based on Cicada, man it was interesting as hell. Takes a lot of guts and brain power to just find all of that information and piece them together)

But anyway, I’m gonna talk about two scary experiences I’ve had.

The first one was I had a sleep paralysis. OH. MY. GOSH. I would never ever wish that upon anyone, even on my enemies. It was the worst experience and even TERRIFYING doesn’t cover it. So basically, I was in bed right and I suddenly felt this heavy feeling on my chest, (it felt like as if someone was sitting on it) and I also felt someone/something wrapped around my neck and trying to suffocate me. Deep inside me I was TERRIFIED but I knew I had to remain calm so I did. I opened my eye and there was this really dark figure standing and had such a creepy grin, I tried to move my fingers and my toes and I kept trying to remain calm and it finally stopped. Dude, when it stopped I sprinted out of my room and went to the kitchen to drink some water and I felt like crying.

The second one was when I took a shower, put my clothes on then went to my room, I went to my window and pulled the curtains (usually when I take a shower I open my window bc it just feels so cold) AND DUDE I SAW SOMEONE STANDING OUTSIDE OF MY WINDOW AND HOLY MOLY IT WAS TERRIFYING. I screamed and ran out of my room I had to get my brother and then he came into my room to see who it was and it turned out to be my friend. Smh


Sleep paralysis freaks me out. My friend had it during a sleepover and she couldn’t move for like… half an hour. Her face was just frozen in terror…


Oh no :confused: I hope she’s okay now, honestly that’s the scariest thing ever man