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yesss!! I love the vibes :see_no_evil:

Hi! Do you still need this? I’m sorry I’ve been busy with school :frowning:

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Title: Green Sea Shell
Author: Eclipsa
Description: A reporter in Herald Newspaper, was once lost her true love. Now she has the perfect life, but what would happen if she face her past again ?
Small Cover:

Theme: It can be the same place as “Secrets and Lies” card you did up there or something similar to that but darker (it can be dark sea), mysterious vibes
Unique Details: MC is helpful and caring, but strong. And she’s trying to handle her past by herself. Contains a few art scenes, music/sound, a little mystery and action.

Instagram: chocolipsa

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Yes, I still need it, but can I change the cover to this?


Great! I’ll start it tomorrow:)

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  • Story Title:
    Cry me an ocean


  • Description:
    Willow has had a tough life.
    Being sent to an orphanage to getting captured by the silver creak pack, she meets an omega that seems more powerful then everyone believes.

  • Small Cover:


  • Theme (place, color, scary, summer…):
    Sad and dark
    Color: Black or Dark Blue (whichever suits it)

  • Teaser/ Hook:
    “Secrets never remain hidden”

  • Features (CC, Art scenes, Customization…):
    Limited CC, triggering scenes, advanced directing and violence

  • Instagram:

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Hehehehe may I request for our story twelve :eyes::joy: you know the details I hope- considering you wrote it lmao

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Can you give me some of the story’s features? Like do choices matter, sound, music…

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Hi! Could I request this?

  • Story Title: A Summer To Die For
  • Author: Aphrodite
  • Description: Unlikely companions. An island filled with secrets. A summer vacation. There’s no time for sunbathing when there’s a murder to be solved.
  • Small Cover:
  • Theme: Summer, sunny, good vibes
  • Features: CC, Action, Romance, Choices, Advanced Directing
  • Instagram: @aphrodite.epi
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Hey! I would like one

  • Story Title: Light In Darkness
  • Author: Teja
  • Description: Arianna is finally happy with Shan. Or at least she thought she is.
    She let her past go but will it leave her or is it coming back with new secrects?
  • Small Cover: (credit goes to @GirlWrites1 for the cover)
  • Theme (place, color, scary, summer…): purple and black color. A little scary. No specific place
  • Author Message (optional): Update every Saturday
  • Teaser/ Hook: Between Dark secrets
  • Features: Customization, Art scenes, choices
  • Instagram: @teja_episode6274

Of course, choices doesn’t effect the bir parts of the story there are some fun choices. And there’s sound and music they add depth especially to some scenes. Sorry for the late response btw

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Here you go :slight_smile:

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The cover is so cute!

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It’s really nice thank youu :heartbeat:

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Thank you!!!

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Any changes?

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OMG it’s beautiful Molly, nope no changes!
Thank you so so so muuuuch!
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You’re very good at story cards!

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Aww thank you!! I’m really sorry for how late I did it, I’ve been very busy :cry::sleepy:

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