The Old Episode Days

I don’t know if you can say the same about yourself, but I’ve been a part of the Episode community since 2013. It wasn’t until the end of 2015 when I started writing stories. Let me tell you, during that time, Episode was really popular. Not only that, but the Episode community consisted of nice people that would actually help you with things. Also, Episode was actually making great stories. Stories such as Campus Crush, was a story that many people loved (like myself). It was unique and interesting to read. I think everybody knows that Episode has clearly changed since 2013 till now. We all know the flaws within the episode community and episode itself, and it’s safe to say that some problems have been solved. But, not all of them haven’t, and we know what Episode is lacking of.


loved it.


I don’t have any distinct memories of what Episode was like, since I don’t think I really remember anything from that time of my life, but I know I joined maybe like a few months or weeks or something before INK was released with the Demi Lovato stories.

I do remember staying up late playing those stories and falling asleep with the game still running. I’ve been playing Episode for at least 3 years now and it’s changed so much. And I remember being 12 and creating a forums account on the old site and having the time of my life.

I don’t even know how I found Episode. I think I was just scrolling through the App Store and seeing a choice game and was like owo, what’s this? and not knowing I’d spend years playing the same game.

And it was funny… I downloaded the app at I think when I was 11, maybe 12, and then published a story but I felt so guilty for being underage I swore to myself I wouldn’t log into any accounts again until I was 13. Which I did, then I met amazing people who changed my life and I’m almost 15 now and I’ll still be friends with them. Wow…

sorry, i just went on a huge nostalgia trip



what was the one old story where a girl went to college and then joined a sorority but it turned out to be some witch cult or something?


I forgot the name of it, but I know what you’re talking about.


and I also rememeber Lovestruck or whatever it was called before I think it was revamed to INK or LL? dang i’m having some feels right now excuse me

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Oh wow. I downloaded the episode app when I was 13 && I started writing when I was 15 :slight_smile: I’m 18 now .

I think it’s more popular now. I mean, they have one million followers, surely 2013 Episode couldn’t have that much.

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I’ve been around for a bit (but I’m relatively new) and I find for the most part that people are very kind and helpful :slight_smile:

Yeah now it is because many people know about. Back then, Episode wasn’t really known, but at the same time it was because I knew a lot of people who read stories on episode during Episode’s early years.

Oh… :slightly_frowning_face: So we are not that anymore? :sob:


There are ton’s of helpful people in the community. There is proof by the countless threads created daily that get answered by fellow Episode users and the many threads I see where amazing friendships begin and progress. But more often than not the negativity will shine brighter than the user’s who do the right thing. Don’t let that discourage you as you and everyone else are great helpers for the forum team. Everyone’s participation and helpfulness is greatly appreciated :smiley:


there was a time many people were reading episode, check out how many reads old stories such as “chain reaction” have. But with time people just stopped using and started to delete it.

Chain reaction has that many reads because each episode adds one read to the count. 50 (?) episodes equals 50 reads per user.

They are still more famous, many people read their stories, not to mention that they have more resources now.

yeah “Chain Reaction” does have many chapters but there are many stories that have more than 50+ chapters but not many reads (reads do not define how good the story is tho, there are many amazing stories but underrated). (Some examples are “Dirty Little Secrets” 50 chapters and 24.5M reads, “Provocative” 57 chapters and 21M reads, and “Golden Girl” 51 chapters and 6.3M reads)

The stories you mentioned are Limelight, all of them are new. Chain Reaction has ben out for years, it was published first when INK was new, it became popular along with INK. And it has 2 featured sequels.

It was called Kissed By A Ghost by Amephira.

“The Lovely One (INK)” 83 chapters and 9.3M (good story)

And? That still doesn’t mean anything, Chain Reaction was one of the first gang stories and first INK stories. It became more popular over the years, especially after Episode asked the writer to write 2 more stories.

Episode reached 1 million followers, do you know what that means? They COULD NOT have possibly be more famous before. They advertise more, they publish featured stories more. They became popular with Demi Lovato, PLL, Pitch Perfect series. It helped them MASSIVELY.

And this doesn’t bring anything to what we are talking about, that’s just your opinion too.

That’s why I put it into parenthesis, I wanted to state my opinion about the story.