The Omelet Art/Edit Shop [CLOSED]

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Welcome to my art shop!

I decided to make an art shop since I’ve always wanted to improve my photo editing skills, and I love helping others in the community!
I don’t really draw characters (yet!!), but I love editing and photo manipulation. I can help you find a quality background or overlay but I can also make custom backgrounds, splashes, story covers, overlays, character detail sheets, character cut-outs/pngs, forums banners, really anything except character drawings lol. If you want me to do something I didn’t list, just ask, maybe I can do it for you!

Note: I didn’t think I’d need to mention this but DO NOT ADVERTISE ON MY (or ANYONE’s) PAGE! Just because someone does it to you doesn’t make it right - instead, break the cycle by NOT advertising on other people’s pages.
My rules are pretty simple: be respectful, don’t rush me, etc. If I decline your request please don’t make a fuss about it. Don’t steal art! That goes for me and every other artist, ever. It’s a crappy thing to do. This includes not properly crediting me.
Unless you request otherwise, any art that I make for you may be posted on my Instagram account or put on display in the Examples section of my shop (watermarked to prevent stealing).

I prefer to be credited by my Instagram account, @omelet.episode. I typically don’t ask to be credited for background edits (depending on the edit) or overlays. For splashes or character detail sheets, I’ll add my own watermark. Make sure to credit me for story covers.
The exception to this is for banners. Since these will be used on the Forums, you can tag me with my Forums account @Omelet.
The password is: cherries
Use [spoiler] password [/spoiler] and replace “password” with the current password.

Note: I work with both Ink and Limelight.

Example Backgrounds

Example Splashes

If you’re interested in using one of these splashes with different text/characters, just fill out a splash form in the Forms section.

Example Story Covers

If you have any additional requests (font style, black & white, etc), please add them to your form!
When requesting anything that contains characters, make sure to include ALL information about the character, including their body features, clothing, and pose. Please don’t just send me a picture of your character and expect me to try and find each clothing item in the outfit library. Tell me the names of the clothes instead.


Description of your request:
Any related pictures, like background photos/references, objects, etc.:
If you want me to make a new background, how many zones?


What you want it to say:
Description of background/attach background image:

Character Detail Sheets

Character name & description:
Description of background/attach background image:
Do you want the clothes to be included in the details portion? (Yes/No):

Story Covers

I do not draw characters
Author (optional):
Background description:
Large or Small Cover?:
Other (poses, style of text, etc):


What you want in the overlay:
Any images relevant to your request:


What you want it to say:
Font style/color/size (optional):


Password: elephant
What you want in the overlay: Can I have a text overlay in the color white with a cool dramatic font saying: Don’t forget to take screenshots and tag me on instagram!
Any images relevant to your request: No

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Password: elephant
Title: Me Myself & Him
Author (optional): Sofiaxrosay


Background description: You can choose!
Large (Wide) or Small (Tall) Cover?: Can I have both?
Other (poses, style of text, etc): Sofia: Eyerolling, Brad: Wink or just a flirting animation

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Here are the overlays I created, I made 2 so you can pick which font you want. If you want me to change it then just ask!
Here’s a preview of the two fonts:

And here are the actual overlays:

Overlay 1

Overlay 2

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Do you have a comma in your title, like “Me, Myself and Him” or is it just “Me Myself and Him”?

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It is “Me, Myself and Him”

I think I’ll have this finished by later today, is that ok?

ofc take your time x

Thank you so much!

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Here are your large and small covers! I have updated my Credits section, so please credit me somewhere in your story with my Instagram account, @omelet.episode. If you have any requests or if you want me to change something, just ask!

Small Cover

Large Cover

hey girly, i have a bg request !

password: starburts

edit: id like to change this to a day bg pleasee .

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whats ur ig?? ill credit u x

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My Instagram is @omelet.episode. I’m glad you like it!

tysm x

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Hi, here is your day background version!

Day Recolor

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thats perfect omg tysm

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can you remove the background from this? ( creds to @/amepisode )

ice cream

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Sure! I’m kind of busy today but I’ll do it as soon as I can.

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I have a request! Pls do it for me!


Could you pls make me a Overlay from the desk?? The white without the plant!

Thank you

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Do you want me to remove just the background outside the window or the entire car roof, leaving only the car seats?

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