The Omelet Art/Edit Shop [CLOSED]

just the bg outside the window

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Here’s your cutout! I made two versions, one with the background removed normally and one with white highlights to replicate the window glare in the original.

Plain Cutout


Cutout w/ White Highlights


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they look great! but it wont let me upload it, maybe what you sent me is a png? if so, could you give me the jpeg version? :))

I can send it as a jpeg but then it will automatically fill in the transparent parts with white. Is this for a background or an overlay?

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wait actually- nvm i just realized i need to use it as an overlay, tyy!

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Here’s your overlay!

Cutout Overlay


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hi again- could you make this into night?

also i want this in day version

and this to have a broken glass opening on the middle ( enough to fit a person )

and can you resize these into a 3 zone bg and be a bit cleaner?

ice cream

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Thank you!!

Can I request again? Pls do it!


Password: ice cream
What you want in the overlay: From the background INT. MUSIC AGENT OFFICE DESK OL - DAY
Could you make the desk with the chairs but without the black chair behind a overlay?

Thank you



Here are your edited backgrounds!

Nighttime Wall


Day Cityscape


Broken Glass


Cleaner 3-Zone


Here’s your desk overlay:

Desk Overlay


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:heavy_heart_exclamation: Thank you!

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ice cream

bro im sorry ik i request from you alot lmaoo :sob:

could you make the wall an overlay and make it grey?


Maybe later.

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Hi, I would like to make a request ^^

req 1

Password: ice cream
If you want me to edit objects onto a background, include details of what you’d like me to edit, as well as any images you’d like me to use:

Uhm so, This background. I would like the background to have computer desks inside rather than chairs for classroom, so the bg would look like it is a computer lab

req 2

Password: ice cream
What you want in the overlay: can you make the chairs as overlays so that characters can sit and go through
Any images relevant to your request:

and can you make the monitors as if it’s open and can you make the screen censored? Like pixels and stuff?
And can you make them chairless as well on the other background with the censored monitors?

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Also, please take note, the first req, I may edit some more objects on the bg on other artist, just to let you know

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Here you go, if you want me to change something just ask.

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