The Opposite Game 😎


Me and my crush are terrible with each other and did not take a cute/funny selfie. Also I’m not nosy about my “ex” at all I just highly miss him!

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My sister is the worst thing to ever happen to me.



I love James Charles, Shane Dawson, and Jeffery Star so much!! They’re my favorite YouTubers.

I absolutely hate Twenty One Pilots, though.

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I’m not in love it sucks and I want to die alone :joy::nail_care:t5:


I want to die alone too! And I am in love

We can die alone together


I love dying alone do it all the time :rofl:


I don’t miss my wifey.

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My favorite story is It Starts With A Bra.

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I hate being in a relationship, wish I was single again…

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I’m an extrovert with the characteristics of a leader :triumph:

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I’m totally not deeply in love with @Glades :sweat_smile:

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I hate @Zustin

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Dang that is awesome! :grin::sob:



I am the greatest author ever!

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I’M UGLY :joy: (confidence goalz)


Not a bump!


Cats are the worst animals that ever existed on this planet :upside_down_face:

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No they aren’t. :expressionless:

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I am not amused by your reply, damn :imp:


This is not funny

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