The Opposite Game 😎

It’s really not

NLMAO (Not laugh my ass off)


I’m so pretty.

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Ur right

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That’s incorrect!

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I hate MCR. Their music is so emotional and edgy. I don’t like it.

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I’m an absolute god at doing anything, and everything!

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No part of this thread confuses me.
I love yams, they’re delicious.
I’m not on the forums at 2am at all!


I am so every emotion


I’m the opposite of my true self.

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I hate this game its so not fun

Donald Trump is the best President in the world! His hair is silkier and shinier than Kim K herself!

I love Kim Kardashian

donald trump is the best he is doing the BEST job with the government!!!

Donald Trump’s has RUINED the economy

you do realize this is the opposite game and you actually said he FIXED the economy right?

No I don’t and now you disagree FAILED IT!
Btw let’s talk about politics so the thread does close

so you want it to close???

Of course!

This isn’t the opposite thread.
It’s just a say what you mean thread

I’m not confused. AT ALL. By this statement.

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