The Opposite Thread 🤭



Sooooooooooo dis thread works like this:

You form a sentence in your head, for ex:

Ice Cream was made for trees.

And switch every word with it’s opposite. Like, so:

Spinach was not destroyed for bushes.

And post it down down below.

Den the person below you tries to figure out what the real words are.

And then it repeats, for ex:

Person 1: Cats poop outside.
Person 2: Is it: Dogs eat inside? Mean water is ugly.
Person 3: Hmmmmm, Nice grass is pretty?


Have fun everyone! I hope to see a lot of replies! :smile:


I’ll start: Animals aren’t dirty and insane.


Humans are clean and sane.

Bit of a learning curve on this for me, lol. Do I also write a 2nd sentence?

The prettiest flowers bloom in the Spring.


lolll purple, yes. :yum:


The ugliest roots wither in the fall.

I am eating a vanilla malt.


You are drinking many chocolate malts.

Cats are fluffy but have sharp claws.


Dogs are rough but have blunt paws

Rainbows are colourful and remind me of life


Grey metals are bland and forget you of death

Pigs roll in mud


Sheep run on grass?

You hate soda the least.


I love soda least

I hate dancing


You love singing.

A cat that doesn’t bark is very strange.


A cat that bark is not strange

I don’t care when people talk about me


Heh I actually meant
A dog that barks is not strange at all.

Don’t forget to add a sentence.


Remember to delete a word

I want to eat spicy spaghetti.


You hate to barf bland burger.

You love hugging dogs.


I hate pushing cats …tf :joy::joy::joy:
I attract wide toothed flies


You scare thin clawed people.

Bags eat books for pigs. lol


Eggs poop nothing from air?

idk :joy:

Seeds judge nobody for nothing, and dogs drink seeds.


Plants accept everybody for everything and cats pee plants

I love everything about everyone and the human race is great


You hate nothing forgetting no one not the animal gender is horrible.


Potatoes fart carrots.