The Opposite Thread 🤭



you looked in the murky fire, stayed you on the sunlight moon?? (that makes no sense)

Beds are the comfiest piece of furniture invented


Chairs are the uncomfiest emptiness uninvented.
:smiley: :thinking:

He is so cute, every time he looks at me I get butterflies in my stomach.


She is so nasty, every time she doesn’t look at you, you don’t get moths in your…uh…oesophagus? :man_facepalming:

Isaac Newton discovered gravity.


Taylor Swift hid weightlessness.
(Wow that was hard!)

The egg smelt like a cheese sandwich.


The hen did not taste like a curd…biscuit? :neutral_face::joy:

Popo and Toto went inside the jungle in the search for their friends Dodo and Coco.


Dodo and Coco exited the outside of the dessert in hiding of the enemies Popo and Toto


There is no sentence, so… :smiley:

I like killing zombies online.


Whoops sorry. :grimacing:

I hate birthing humans in real life.

My brother ate fifteen jellyfish yesterday.


Your sister won’t eat 51… jelly beans tomorrow :rofl:

Lava Guava is my favorite plant in Plants vs Zombies 2.


Ice Pear isn’t your least favourite machine in Machines vs Humans -2

My marriage counselor told me to see a therapist
(Lmao I can’t wait to see what this becomes)
(well this game is kinda dead i hope someone replies)


Your divorce enthusiast refrained from telling you to disregard an enraged warrior.
(…that was interesting.)

Watching horror movies on a gloomy day is a great idea.


Hearing romance books out of many sunny nights is not a terrible dismissal

I’d spend all of my money to buy a band member’s guitar


He’d buy none of his paper to sell a fan’s piano???

The purple fairy gave 5 dogs to my sister’s cat


The blue dragon took -5 cats from your brother’s dog



I will just give someone a new sentence

Your cats are the worst, you do not love us at all.


My dogs are not the best, I do hate us at all.

The unkind stranger did not buy anything from the rich girl.


The kind friend sold everything for the poor boy.

The cat looked at the carpet every day.


The dog didn’t look at the wall any day


The cat did look at the floor today

I hate choices lmao I actually do


I like not making choices?
I like choices

I hate only one thing and no one