The Outline contest 😊




Joining :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you for the heads up, I’m working on it know. I go in order when the ones I join. :blush:


@Jossu im done :slight_smile:
Thats my final work, i hope you like it.

P.s im sorry for the blue snowflake, i hope is not make the art looking bad.


Oh no it’s fine and bootiful


Just a reminder guys you have 15 days to finish your masterpiece or there are 15 days for the ned and you will see who is the winner


I’ll start coloring now :grin:


Thanks. I might redo mine. Not sure yet. :blush:


You could but I just tagged everyone who wanted to enter


Here is another one I did. :grinning:


Hope you like it :blush::blue_heart:


A her nails cheetah print I love it I just can’t tell if it’s cheetah print or if you put little white circles on it that’s cute💙


It’s gold glitter. :joy:


Ha ok, I know something was there. I love it though.


I’m sorry I rushed through this one

I’m thinking about getting my hair done like this so that’s why most of my now on edits will have pink in their hair :sweat_smile:

for e.g. 😅


I hope you like it :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:





Hey, is this still going on? Also for some reason, I can’t tag in pictures into a comment :frowning_face:


Yes the deadline is 30 dec


Lolol when r the results coming?

I was gonna enter but i forgot about this oOf and now it’s over