The Palayan school for blessed children II Official RP thread II


The Palaya is a school placed on a island in Oceania that was bought by a mysterious person near the end of the 19th century. Since then a school has been built there, but only for people with special abilities. The students are from all countries but the languages spoken in class are English and Mandarin Chinese since they are the two most frequently used languages in the world. There are four kind of people taught here and they stay there for 5 years.

The four kind of people:

Soothsayers - can see the future that could be and sometimes the future that definetly will be. (using this too much exhausts them)
Alluciners - can enter a random person’s dream and change it to their imagination.
Veritars - can read minds (using this too much exhausts them)
Solluciners - can controll somebody’s thoughts and dreams (can not do it if focused on something else)



  • If you want to swear, blur it or use any type of censoring
  • Please follow the rules of the RP-ing from HERE
  • If you’re gonna use graphic and detailed descriptions of blood or sex , use the “Hide Details” and put a warning to it.
    -If you’re gonna join the RP please don’t just dissapear during the roleplay … or try avoiding it … If there’s a good reason for your leaving I will give your character a reson to not be involved in the roleplay or put him/Her up for adoption if you don’t want to return.



The school

ICT room

Biology lab

First Aid room
Chillzone 1

Chillzone 2
Nearby Village (mostly shops and teacher homes)

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BeginingRead before assuming this school is approachable by a short drive please

You were on a ferry ride. Your parents were probably there with you. Now you walk up to a huge rococo like building that was really enormous. Some of you remeber it while some of you are seeing it for the first time. Day one of school has started and everybody is joined in the enormus halls with every door locked. Soon you will be handed your keys and everything will be explained for freshmen. You all wait for the arrival of the principal while chatting away with new faces or old friends.

I have to give credit to @HermanEpisode who made the school crest . Great work buddy :slight_smile:



ORP: How should we start off?

@LeviTheLunatic :heart:


ORP: You can approach any character lol or just explain what you’re wearing and where you are and then write your approachble, but try to keep long ORPs that don’t concern the RP out of the RP please. I gtg now but I’ll be back


Blythe Channing

She woke up, The light from her window shined onto her face, which made her open her hazel eyes. She jumped out of bed, and took a shower. She changed into her outfit,this! And she put her hair in this. And makeup, This! Blythe walked downstairs to her Mom, who was making croissants and café au lait. “Merci maman!” She thanked her mother. (Thank you mom!)

Alexandre Channing

He ate his breakfast, and he looked at his outfit. This… He liked it, but his parents bought it. “Je t’aime mon petit alexandre!” Mom told me. (I love you little Alexandre)
“Uhh, Mom…” Alexandre spoke, “I gotta go.” He went on. He walked to the door, letting Blythe to come on they went off the ferry and they arrived at school, and Alexandre went to go to his locker.
He saw thhat Blythe went to her locker too.

Approachable <3


ORP: Ik, I was just giving a thing on what there doing in the morning.



I woke up at 7AM and took a shower. When I finished it, I dressed up (outfit) and wore some make up. I started running quickly so no one could spot were Im going. When I arrived I wore my backpack and started walking into the school. When I entered the building I looked around so I can spot a person that I knew.


Veritar btw


ORP: @Doksanwrites how many times do I have to tell everybody, read the begining … The school is on an island near Fiji …


ORP: Ik I read it. Thats how Val started the day lol. Shes at school now.


A tattooed girl listening to loud rock music stands there, chewing some bubblegum. Despite her calm exterior, she has those first day nerves, even though it’s her third year. She taps her foot nervously.



Edwin Scully

I woke up at 3:00 AM and started brushing my teeth like a zombie. I turn to see an outfit already pressed and ready for me to use . I got in the car with my parents and headed off. We arrived at the school hourse later. I got out of the ferry and I was imidetly stunned by teh enormousness of this school. I saw the entrance and walked into it to find myself in a huge hall with some other students waiting there. I walk up to some girl and I get the courage to ask her. “Are you also new here?”


ORP: Doksan did you say she ran to school? Becuase she’s not coming home until winter. She moving to Fiji so she’s not able to run to school. She’s in Fiji where nobody who recognizes her is . A lonely island owned by a mysterious man who’s in charge. But I’ll let it slide this time.


ORP: Sorry lol maybe lets say she had already moved and its just the first day of school?


ORP: @Doksanwrites i don’t know if you noticed but Edwin just approached your character lol


ORP: @Coolepisodes

How are you gonna drive to Oceania?



I had zoned out. I look around and see a boy that talked to me. “Uh yeah! Is there a problem?” I say akwardly.


ORP: Sorry Im blowing up.


ORP: I have no idea.


ORP: Well they do get there by a ferry so you can either edit or just make a new post saying they just got off the ferry



“No … No problem at all.” I smiled. I think she’s even more scared than I am. “I’m new too. It’s nice to know you’re not alone in a situation like this.” I look around . “So what kind are you?”



Jessica Cohen

She arrived at school in her new outfit…overalls and converse! She loved it! She looked in her locker, and walked to this girl.




“I’m a Veritar.” I smile nervously. “And you are a Solluciner. I know you were gonna say that.” I say akwardly.



Blythe Channing

She saw the girl coming over. “Hi.” She waved “Why’d you come over here?” She’d ask, looking at the girl.