The Palayan school for blessed children II Official RP thread II


ORP: @julie726 I’ll let it slide this time but you have to know that first class starts at 8:00 and ends at 8:45 and oyur character woke up at 9:45 and that means he would be a bit late to third class … (considering each class has a 5 minute recess that’s just enough to go to the other classroom and prepare for the next class and go to the toilet or play on your phone a bit)


ORP: Oh sorry I didn’t know that, the veritar schedule didn’t show the time ranges in the class schedules.


ORP: Follows the normal Croatian high school timeline


ORP: Have I been Tagged is it still class time?


ORP: Did I tag you in a post that said class is over? No I haven’t so It means it’s not … Please delete your ORPs after you’re sure the person has seen it. Like the ORPs meant to you so you can show you saw it …




ORP: Thanks @UltimaW but I think this action is vain … Everybody has school and nobody has the time … Sorry honey … But I’ll make sure to invite you for my newer RPs that I make when I’m finally free of school


ORP: I’m sad, this was a awesome RP


ORP: I might continue it when summer comes but don’t count on it


Nooo… :worried: I loved the idea and hoped it would continue… But I understand why you don’t want to continue. I would have been here more often but I’m pretty busy because of the prom, exams and other stuff


Yeah I’m discontinuing it because of inactivity and school


@Jeremy please close this since it won’t be used anytime soon




Don’t worry bae I’ll probably bring it back some time after if the interrest isn’t dead by then