The Palayan school for blessed children II Official RP thread II



“Is he in this school?” @Doksanwrites


Jessica Cohen
She sighed, and leaned on a locker. She felt upset, she screamed losing all her self control.

Her self control was bad anyways, she screamed even louder




“No luckily.” I sigh






HE drags Ultima to the nurse



Ultima and Phantom

they came walking back with UltimaW brushies still unattended to

“The nurse nope not dealing with her!”

She goes to a locker and opens it getting her matiruls for d
Surviving and escaping class


“That’s not what I meant.”
She winks.


Hannah Walters
It’s still very early in the morning but its time for me to get ready. I quickly get out bed, walking to the bathroom and take a shower. I pull out an outfit from my closet that I’ve prepared a day before and get dressed in it. I ran downstairs and find my sister and my mother waiting for me before we head to the ferry terminal that’s going to bring us to a mysterious island for a blessed person like me.

After hours, we finally arrived at the school, its my third year though. I quickly rushed into the hall, wishing that im not late. the hall was enormous, and full of students. i wander around the hall while looking for some new friends to talk to. I yawned, I didn’t even get any sleep last night.



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Niccola Cavendish (AKA Lola)
I stop in front of the school building and sigh.
Here I go again…
I start walking and enter the building. The space inside is full of chatting students. I’ve seen some of them before but never got their names, the rest are strangers.
I keep walking until I reach my locker.

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Daniel King

I wasn’t nervous about coming back. This was now my fourth year so I had the hang of everything. I knew the best places to chat and hang out and knew the best ways to make everything much more fun. Last year I had a lot of friends but this year some may have left and lots of other people would have arrived. I was excited to met everyone again and also get some time away from my parents. He stepped out of the ferry and walked I nto the school yard standing to pause for a moment as he took in the magnificent sight infront of him.



Charlotte Jessins
Charlotte sat down near the water fountain. Wearing this. She missed her twin sister even though she wasn’t in the family anymore… they were separated… gone. She wanted to go meet a group of people.
She walked inside the school, walking around looking for people to talk to. Her black long hair covered her face a little.

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Hannah Walters

The school hall is getting full of students so I decided to go to somewhere I could find peace. The school yard will do, I said to myself. I stopped by my locker to put and take some stuffs and went to the yard right after that. Although it’s my third year here, I wasn’t really a social butterfly and my first day of school nerves are seriously killing me every year.

I sat on a bench at the yard and took out a book to read. I didn’t get to read any lines yet when I see a guy standing in the middle of the yard, lost in his own thoughts. I didn’t get any sleep last night, so reading his mind would really exhaust me. I’ve seen him before, but didn’t get his name until now.

I keep all my stuffs in my bag and approach him. “Hey!” I said, smiling. Me, trying to make friends, what could possibly go wrong right?



Daniel King

I was lost in my thoughts just standings in the middle of the school yard. I suddenly brought back to reality as a girl approached me. I had definitely seen her before but hadn’t really known her her very well or known even her name. “Hello.” I said with a smile. “I’m Daniel.” I said being nice to her. She seemed lonely so I had to at least put in some effort not to say something wrong. I had a habit of accidently saying something that could offend someone. Thing was I didn’t mean to it kinda just slipped out. So I tried my hardest not to do that this time. If I did then I could possibly try and use my gift to help. I mean controlling someone’s thoughts and dreams is very handy, escpecially when it comes to getting out of trouble.



Ebony Skyton (wearing outfit)
I stop my Chewrolet Tahoa (the car) in front of big mansion-like building. It looks like one of those houses for billionares you can see in tv. Great…
“I can’t believe they sent us to some school which looks like a damn mansion. Remind me, which century are we in?”
I glare at Ender and cross my arms.
“Shut up. You know why we were sent here. We are supposed to learn how to control our powers.” I tell him.

Ender Skyton (wearing outfit)
“If you say so, sis.” I mutter, take my backpack and get out of the car.
I look around myself. A mansion. A garden. A fountain.
I roll my eyes, wishing I was anywhere but here.
I could have been still at my former school… But no. My uncle has to be paranoid and he send me here. With Ebony…
I start walking towards the main door, not waiting for her.
At least she won’t embarass me the first second I step inside…

both approachable


Hannah Walters

My smile fades. I look at him, regretting what I just did. great, someone just thought im a loner again. I decided to stay positive and introduce myself, “I’m Hannah.” I smiled back. “I’m sorry if I’m bothering you. I guess you’re a solluciner?” I went on. Giving a hint that I knew what he was thinking.

Not like I’m not used to hearing negative things about me, at least it helps me to improve myself. There’s too many negativity in this world so thinking positive is the best thing I could do.



Via Carter

Boy am I nervous for the first day at school. And not just any school, but The Palayan School for Blessed Children! I quickly got up and changed into one of my fav outfits, and rode the designated ferry to school. Soon I arrived at a gigantic rococo palace. I was going to school inside this majestic piece of architecture? That’s awesome dude! I took a deep breath, then (tried to) confidently walk into its glamorous halls. After lots of turns and getting lost, I eventually reached somewhere where lots of students were gathered. I awkwardly blended into the crowd, everyone was happily chatting with someone else and I felt lonely. No! Pull yourself together Olivia! You’re gonna make some new friends and talk with people, starting now!

ORP: Any approachable peeps at the present? I’d like to approach somebody and make sure I don’t accidentally approach someone that’s already busy.


Daniel King

I stood there smiling and listening to what she had to say. I looked at her slightly confused when she knew what gift I had. I mentally face palmed my self in realising Shen was probably veritar and could read my mind. “Yeah I am. I guess your a veritar since you knew that.” I tried to stay friendly I knew she could read my mind and had probably known about what I was thinking. I instinatly felt bad, I hadn’t meant to say anything mean but she wasn’t with anyone. Then again I hadn’t been with anyone. Well maybe instead I should think about the good things about her not the negatives. I mean she was very pretty and seemed to be quite smart. I started thinking about her postive features. After a while I had realised what I had done. I again mentally face palmed my self as I realised she had probably been reading my mind as I was thinking about her. I brushed my hand through my hand. Then sent her a friendly smile and stood there awkwardly. You would think that I was used to having all these gifted people around me but I still was definently not used to it.




He went to his locker next to Ultima’s and since he was in the same class he went and got materials in his backpack and went back outside


Hannah Walters

I crossed my arms, trying not to laugh. “Yep! But don’t worry, Reading minds can be really exhausting sometimes, so I don’t really take advantage of it.” I spoke. especially today. I couldn’t lie, I know that he’s thinking of something positive about me right now, just couldn’t get into details. I suddenly feel bad about reading his mind. Seriously, reading people’s minds isn’t the best thing to do when you’re getting to know someone.

I glance at him, he’s looking at me with the most captivating smile I’ve ever seen from him. I involuntarily smiled back. Get a grip, Hannah. “How does it feels to be a Solluciner?” I asked, trying to not put myself in awkward situation and so he wouldn’t get the wrong idea. I do wanna know about it though.




“IM GONNA MURDER YOU” He screamed running after Ultima who had his backpack she didn’t run into anyone but Phantom did his hood still up and he ran into Hannnah @Sophbee and said

"Sorry… " seeing He had nocked her down he put out his hand to help her up “here…”


ORP : Ultima is wearing

And theres a chocker if you cant see it



She throws his backpack perfectly landing on his back