The Palayan school for blessed children II RP SIGN UPS II



The Palaya is a school placed on a island in Oceania that was bought by a mysterious person near the end of the 19th century. Since then a school has been built there, but only for people with special abilities. The students are from all countries but the languages spoken in class are English and Mandarin Chinese since they are the two most frequently used languages in the world. There are four kind of people taught here and they stay there for 5 years.

The four kind of people:

Soothsayers - can see the future that could be and sometimes the future that definetly will be. (using this too much exhausts them)
Alluciners - can enter a random person’s dream and change it to their imagination.
Veritars - can read minds (using this too much exhausts them)
Solluciners - can controll somebody’s thoughts and dreams (can not do it if focused on something else)

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  • If you want to swear, blur it or use any type of censoring
  • Please follow the rules of the RP-ing from HERE
  • If you’re gonna use graphic and detailed descriptions of blood or sex , use the “Hide Details” and put a warning to it.
    -If you’re gonna join the RP please don’t just dissapear during the roleplay … or try avoiding it … If there’s a good reason for your leaving I will give your character a reson to not be involved in the roleplay or put him/Her up for adoption if you don’t want to return.

Students are not limited so no reserves but you will have to reserve teachers and staff


P.E. teacher - @Coolepisodes
Math teacher
HOS teacher
Power comunication teacher
Power control teacher
Literature teacher @Daisy_Flower1
HAH teacher
SG and ST (same teacher required)
Hidden Geography teacher
VG and VT (same teacher)
SG and ST (same teacher)
SSG and SST (same teacher)


Janitor- @FinnTheGhost
Lunch lady-
Nurse #1 - @kerubiel
Jaitor #2 -
Dorm cleaning lady -
Supply delivery person -
Secretary - taken by me
Pedagogue - @ChayChay
Event manager -

The Palayan school for blessed children II Official RP thread II

So excited can I sign up two characters now?!


I go to to go. I will sign up later!! Can’t wait!!


Reserve for one female Solluciner please
can’t access forms connected to damn school network, I’ll complete after school :smile:


I’ll add two. :slight_smile:


Reserve for female Soothsayer and Male Alluciner (signing up now)


Uh, when I put a age it doesn’t work at all, and it’s a student.



Can I sign up???


I’m not the owner of this thread, but yeah


Sorry I just kind of clicked and asked


It there a limit on each type of character?


Can I make a soothsayer and soliciner? (Reserve)


Reserve for a female veritar! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll sign up on the form once i get back from school


I signed up :blush:


Can I reserve a janitor


I can’t seem to get past the character age. I tried to put 16, but it didn’t work. I tried to delete the age, but it says it’s a required question.



Reserve for a female veritar and a male solluciner


I should have made the rules more clear. You don’t put student ages in just the teacher ages (21-??)


Yeah it says the year your student is in decides their ages, but it does say teacher and staff only so…


Can I reserve for a female veritar ?