The Pastel Art Group - Join Now!

Hello, hello! My name is Alyssa, and you’ve seen me around the forums, either making art at my own shop or roleplaying!

Today I have decided to create an art group called The Pastel Art Group!

The Pastel Art Group is a Episode Forums based group, providing just about all the artwork you’ll need for your story! We are a drama free group and we will stand for what’s right in the Episode Community. Of course we do not think of ourselves as the best, but a good deed in the community.

In order to join you must…

  1. Have a Discord Account! This is needed so we can automatically get in contact if you are accepted into the group.
  2. Have examples ready at hand! Before we let you join, you must have examples ready.

That’s it for now! Here is the signup form!

Some General Questions…

Do we need to like pastel colors in order to join?
Of course not! The Pastel Art Group is just our name!

May we only apply to be an artist?
As of now, the case is that we are an art group, but maybe in the future we will become an all purpose group!

Are we IG based as well?
If the group chooses to be, then yes.

I hope you guys do join the group, it’s a project that I’d love to be part of! :heart:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them down below!

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I’m signing up cuz why not

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Glad you have interest in the group!

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Signed up!

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