The Paternity Judge! New story!

thepaternityjudge Hi guys! I just published episode 5 of my story. I’ve gotten some good feedback in my fanmail so far and really enjoy writing thus far but I’d love for more eyes to be on my story!
Customization for characters, points and choices matter! Two love interest and a best friend that isn’t afraid to speak her mind, but also keeps you level headed.

Summary: As a paternity judge you reveal who is or is not the father in your cases. What happens when you are tangled up in two lovers, pregnant and can’t answer that question for yourself?

Read it here:

My profile on the app is dominion_ if you want to read it there! Don’t forget the underscore.

The characters may not be what they seem upon the first chapter. Keep reading to find out more! Let me know if you are Team Dash Jacobson or Team Harrison Belle. :wink:

I’d love to see your screenshots of how you customize your characters and any scenes you like!

Have a story for me to check out? I’d love to read it! Once you read my story let me know what yours is, leave me some fanmail so I can check! Please be patient while I read through all of the stories. :slight_smile:

Happy reading!

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