The pen is mighter that a sword!

Do you like writing prompts? Man, I love these. Why don’t we share them with each other then?

The rules are simple: the first person gives a short story idea/prompt. The next person has to write (no matter how long) story based on it - it can be just a funny interpretation, a long tale or evena poem, whatever you can think of! - and give the next prompt.

So, my prompt is:


Your best friend has passed away several years ago. After a long period of grief, you have eventually come to embrace that you’d never see them again - until today they’ve just knocked on your doors.


That’s really good, I might use it

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After the death of her parents in a presumed attack, Princess Rania is left to unwillingly rule her kingdom, in the absence of her brother, who fled in fear. Nobody ever said that it’d be easy.