The perfect choice art shop... REOPENED!

When u thought u missed out, u thought wrong!
The perfect choice is back again! If you didn’t know about us, we have loads of art to share!

What Rainbowpower makes

-Pixel art

What EllyAus234 makes


What Tarni makes

-Name edits

We are not always on, and may not always reply to u right away. But that doesn’t mean we won’t!

Mandala form


Name edit form

Colours and vibe:

Outline form

Character details:

Just random tags

@PurpleRadiance @samia5113 @Celia_Episode @Hilo @Episode.Cameronwrite @epi.jesss

I will also tag Elina. @EllyAus234 cause she’s my friend and is a member of the perfect choice

Examples pixel art and mandala examples

Outline and font examples

Name edit examples


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