The Performing Arts story (NEW)

So I just published my story and decided to promote it here :slight_smile:
I am not looking for feedback nor help, I’m simple promoting the story :slight_smile: If you’re bored in class rn I think you should read it :slight_smile:
Promote yours down below and we could do an R4R

NAME : The Performing Arts
EPISODES: 3 (more coming soon)
GENRES: Romance, comedy, drama
DESCRIPTION: Dalia attends a prestigious performing arts school in hopes of becoming a performer, but, will the drama around her friends, family, and love life stop her from reaching her goal?

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Id like to do r4r :blush:

Lost Summer Love

Crazy love. Wacky friends. Unnecessary drama. How will Evan and Sierra make it through this crazy thing called, life

Hey, @Shanny.Episode. Do you want to do a read-for-read? I can read your story and send screenshots.

Here’s my story:

Title: Projection!
Author: Karlon Artis
Genre: Comedy
Description: Harry Stevens is looking for his big break in the world of musical theatre. But what will it take to get there?