The Person Below You #2!


This is the continuation of the last Game by @PurpleRose

Basically, you guess something about the person who posts below you.


@ILoveToWrite22: TPBM likes to eat pickles?
@>Marty<: Sure! TPBM is in their bed?
@ThisGirllll: Nope! TPBM likes the color purple?

I’ll start!

TPBM needs a shower?

The Person Below You!

Nah. I just had one five minutes ago.
TPBM ate pasta today?


Nope. Sloppy Joe
TPBM is new to the forums?


New-ish I got the account last year but I only started using it 2 weeks ago

TPBM has a published story on episode


Yeah, but I stopped writing it. Lost my passion for it.
TPBM is a great singer?


I hope so Im the lead singer in my band

TPBM is a great dancer


Haha. I won’t be modest. Yeah.

TPBM is in high school or college?


none of them

TPBM is in middle school


TPBM like Dr Pepper


depend. cherry yes

TPBM likes food


of cource who doen’t

TPBM eat spicy thing


not really , occasionally

TPBM is from the U.S. ?



TPBM is from gergoie



TPBM is part French?



TPBM has a crush


… yes

TPBM has talked badly about someone behind that person’s back


No I will never talk behind somebody back if I got something mean to say I will say it in your face

TPBM is a good person


yeah I think so



No but if you did I would eat all of it and run away

TPBM is eating fries


no because someone took them! Probs ma bro