The Person Below You!


TPBM is a redhead?


TPBM is black?


Sure am

TPBM has brown hair?


TPBM likes to wear jeans?


Yup, but only skinny jeans! I don’t like baggy ones!

TPBM likes Cheetos?



TPBM is in their room?


TPBM uses a laggy device for this?


TPBM is wearing a black t-shirt


No. I’m wearing white.
TPBM can speak French?



TPBM can speak multiple languages.


Nah. I’m just a bilingual.
TPBM loves Biology?


Not as a school subject, but in general, yes.

TPBM likes cold weather?


TPBM love Ariana Grande



TPBM is someone I know?



TPBM is in the crazy group chat?


What do you mean? I’m in many crazy group chats.
TPBM is good at digital drawing (if so then wowzers…)


Nah, haven’t even tried it

TPBM has an Instagram account for Episode.


Nope… I’m tried to get it but as soon as I got a message I deleted it… Didn’t even see the message… I’m probably the only person in the world scared of insta!
TPBM has the same fear? :rofl::roll_eyes::sweat_smile:


Lol nope, I have quite a few Instagram accounts and one of them is for Episode.

TPBM is a stargazer


Actually no, lol, I like the supernatural and stuff so I thought Stargazer would sound similar to that, because I think a lot outside of this world. I believe in the supernatural, 1000000000%!
TPBM believes in the supernatural?