The Person Below You!



TPBM loves to binge watch Netflix shows?



TPBM Prefers books over movies



TPBM has a irl friend on the forums?


Yeah, but they aren’t active lol.

TPBM has a sister?


Yep! An older one.

TPBM has a brother?


Nope. (Wanted one though)

TPBM loves to ride rollercoasters?


Never went

TPBM likes to headband and go bats hit crazy to good rock music



TPBM is very hungry.



TPBM is crazy over Halloween but likes Christmas more.


Nope :jack_o_lantern:

TPBM loves veggies more than sweets? :green_heart:


Honestly, yeah

TPBM likes zombies over vampires?


Ofc I do
TPBM prefers comedy over romance?


Hell yeah

TPBM likes apple juice more than orange juice?


Yes, I love apple juice more :apple:

TPBM prefers witches over vampires?

Question was inspired by yours

My take on Vamps

I used to love vampires but these days, they are…changing into something else entirely : /
I thought they were supposed to be scary & creepy, not “super hot” & drinking punch juice from vials lol
Vampires are bloodthirsty and do NOT sparkle in the sunlight. Fairies do that. Ok I rest my case. I just feel that vampires deserve a comeback to be deadly again.
Also, who in their right mind wants to be a vampire? No no no, you do NOT want to be one. Sigh. Thanks for listening to my rant :vampire:


Yes, I would always prefer something or the other (even witches :broom:) over Vampires.

TPBM has a cold :sneezing_face:?



TPBM was up all night? :night_with_stars:


Nope, I was so tired last night that I fell asleep at 9.

TPBM has a current favourite story on Episode?


Yep :smile:

TPBM’s favorite thing about Episode app are the ads? :smiling_imp:


Lol no, I can’t stand the ads, especially when I’m reading a really intriguing story and I just want the next chapter to start.

TPBM is taller than their mum but shorter than their dad?

Like me…


Yes :smile:

I’m taller than my mom but a bit shorter than my dad lol :rofl:

I’m tall and proud of it :smirk:

TPBM has been attacked by bees? :scream: :honeybee: