The Person Below You!


TPBM stayed up all last night?


TPBM believes in love?


Idek lol

TPBM is watching TV?


I haven’t touched the TV in a month. I’m always on my phone.

TPBM is cold rn?


I wish.

TPBM likes macaroni and cheese?



TPBM likes jackfruit?


I have absolutely no clue :slight_smile:

TPBM likes some weird food combination that by all means should be classified as an abomination?


Yes (but, it still tastes good, I defend my case! :joy:).

The Person Below Me has done rock climbing?


Yeshhh it didn’t end well though.
TPBM has tried alcohol before?


No, I hate the sight and smell of alcohol. I only tolerate it during Science experiments though :thinking::face_vomiting:

The Person Below Me is a brunette?



TPBM is conflicted about something in life?


TPBM loves to bake. people


Of course who does love cookies,brownies,cakes…mini children

TPBM got into an argument this week :woman_facepalming:t5:


Yup, with my sister :cry:

The Person Below Me has a BroTar? (that’s what you call that, right? :thinking:)


Yasss, @Manik is my BroTar! :clap::clap::clap:

TPBM loves Romance Movies?


Maybe… Noo… I’m in love hate relationship with them.

TPBM wonders what’s up with BroTar lmao.


Ever since I saw the word :rofl:

TPBM loves rap snacks?


Lool I meant like what is he doing right now. :joy::joy:

Never tried them… :cry:

TPBM wants more kids? … to bake


Pshhhhhh I’m so slow this week :rofl:

Of course I love kids…to bake

TPBM enjoys tea?


Only spilling it with some good biscuits. :sunglasses:
TPBM has been to New York?