The Person Below You!


Yes :cry:
TPBM don’t like cakes


No I don’t like cakes. I LOVED CAKES.

TPBM has test tomorrow (like me :cold_sweat:


Nope! I have completed college.
TPBM has never kayaked


I have neverrr
TPBM has eaten a bugg


Yep! Both on accident and on purpose.

TPBM enjoys trail mix? (Without candy in it)


TPBM have letter “a” in her/his username


TPBM has kissed a girl


:joy: sorry but yes
TPBM loves limelight


Nope not really. I still like Ink more but I think I will like it one day

TPBM loves classic


TPBM loves nature


Yes! It’s really inspiring

TPBM is sleepy


Kind of.

TPBM likes marshmallows?


Nope :nauseated_face:

TPBM likes Chinese food


Depends, I don’t like all chinese food

TPBM doesn’t like cheese


Yes you r smart
TPBM nominated amberose for any member nomination. Plzz say yes


Gonna keep it anonymous :wink:

TPBM is old enough to vote in actual elections


Oops nope
TPBM is sweet ( I know )


Idk some say I am but I can be salty

TPBM likes paddington bear


Awwwww that lil British bear yes! :heart_eyes:

TPBM is washing their hair?


Nope, but good idea I should go do that

TPBM has a pet