The Person Below You!



TPBM just woke up?


Nope, I’ll be going to sleep pretty soon.

TPBM is a vegan.



TPBM has been drunk before?


Never drank alcohol.

TPBM hates squash?



TPBM is leaving the forums permanently?


Never ever forever. I love the forumssss!!!

TPBM is leaving the forums



TPBM havent take any shower/bath :joy:


Nope, I showered.

TPBM ate some chips today?



TPBM has drunk coffee today.


I hate coffee, so nuu.

TPBM has a common name


Nope, that’s why I use a different name in here.

TPBM has an American/Brittish name


Def not. Who the heck names their child Xylophia? (My parents.)

TPBM likes coffee


I think that’s a beautiful name, unique

Yup, I love it

TPBM likes tea?



TPBM prefers pen over pencil


Nope, I like pencils more

TPBM likes drawing



TPBM draws a lot


I wish… I am always so busy that I don’t really have the time

TPBM has created a story in Episode


still in the episode 2 :joy:

TPBM’s story is not published yet



TPBM is a blonde.


Nope, i have black hair.

TPBM is caucasian