The Person Below You!


I’m an introvert, but my talkativeness depends on where I am, or who the people around me are.

TPBM just woke up



TPBM is lonely


Obviously yes

TPBM didn’t eat breakfast today


I did

TPBM ate lunch


Nope I haven’t eaten in ages.

TPBM is bored


No, I’m partying!

TPBM has never thrown a party with themselves



TPBM is in bed



TPBM likes coffee more than tea


Don’t like either

TPBM misses someone



TPBM is in a fight with their bestie?


You could say that :joy:

TPBM knows how to recognise a toxic friendship


I do
TPBM knows how to sing


I do

TPBM dances around the house when their parents aren’t home


hell yes.
TPBM likes lord of rings?



TPBM likes to dress up as their favourite characters



TPBM wishes they could go back in time



TPBM loves nutella


Hell yeah.

TPBM likes the Classic style


How did you know?! I LOVE IT!

TPBM hasn’t published any stories yet


Unfortunately yes :frowning: working on one though

TBPM likes Rock and punk music