The Person Below You!



TPBM likes watching videos without sound then trying to guess what they are saying


Nah I prefer sound I may try once if I’m bored.

TPBM has watched the umbrella academy?


No, I want to.

TPBM watches anime?


Yaaas :raised_hands:t2:

TPBM is a cat person?


No, i am dog/bird/mouse person :yum:
Tpbm is asian



TPBM likes reading



TPBM is popular



TPBM likes long journeys


As long as I got something to do, yes, it’s relaxing.

TPBM prefers winter over summer



TPBM is single



TPBM is happy


I am neutral
tpbm is under than 15 years old



TPBM is good at guessing ages


Nope, the worst.

TPBM likes school?


I used to.
TPBM listen to the same song until get sick?


I listen to Radio Ga Ga all the time, but I never get sick of it :smile:

TPBM doesn’t like Radio Ga ga :scream:


No I love it :joy:

TPBM loves to hand in work once it is finished


Pfft, ha, you think I do?

TPBM enjoys pineapple pizza


I don’t even like pizza :joy:

TPBM likes hiding



TPBM is wild and out there .