The Person Below You!


Depends on the situation

TPBM has been sent out of class before


Never :'D Detention however: yes.

TPBM has an iPhone



TPBM knows how to play an instrument


Yes violin and a some piano

TPBM is going to collage



TPBM likes having free time


TPBM is under 15


Nuu. I’m 28 :joy::joy::joy:

TPBM is a gen z



TPBM likes to know about the things they love


Of course, who doesn’t? :o
TPBM has one sibling


Nope I have 2 irl and many on here

TPBM is happy this game is nearly at 5000



TPBM is drinking coffee


At the moment, no, but I like it tho ^^
TPBM likes to draw


Nope nope nopity nope!

TPBM likes cookies


Yes. TPBM is hungry.



The Person Below Me has a doorbell?


HAHAHA we took it out like ages ago because it kept going off at night at random, so no :joy:

TPBM has blue eyes


TPBM wants to dye his/her hair pink


Maybe punk pink highlights but not the full thing

TPBM already has dyed hair


Yes, only the edges of my hair red and blue
TPBM wears pajamas right now


I wish

TPBM likes to be comfy