The Person Below You!

How did you know it?!:scream:
TPBM has acne

TPBM just had dinner?

Not yet
TPBM is hungry

TPBM prefers movies over books

Depends, but usually , yes …

TPBM is awake at 3am while having to wake up early?

Every Saturday
TPBM has a realesed episode story?

Yes but I canceled it becuase it was more dramatic than a telenovela yet still boring af and nothing was going on

TPBM did acidentally effed something up, never told anybody, but fixed it and never had to tell a soul?

Nope Not yet at least
TPBM has a fear of heights

Not that I know of

TPBM is weird in some aspect but isn’t ashamed to admit it?

TPBM has been on forums for less than a year


TPBM plays an instrument

Yep, acoustic Guitar
TPBM likes cheese

F*ck yeah! Cheese is amazing!

TPBM Hates school.

Yes. I’m not a school girl anymore, muahaha :grin:

TPBM has green eyes?


i wish lmao
TPBM has long wavy hair?

TPBM is blonde

Nop, my hair is black
Tpbm is exhausted

I am

TPBM wants a child

Well, I’m way too young for that, but maybe in the future.
TPBM preferes Marvel over DC.


TPBM has their future planned out?