The Person Below You!


TPBM have a boy/girlfriend?

It’s complicated

TPBM prefers series over movies ?


TPBM watches cartoons?

If South Park and bojack horseman can be considered cartoons then yes ! But from time to time i watch other cartoons too.

TPBM is a bad at cooking?

Yeah :sweat_smile:

TPBM watches adult movies ? xd


TPBM has a pet?

A dog, ton of rabbits, 3 fish

TPBM goes to the gym ?

Lol no

TPBM can swim?


TPBM is sporty?

Kind of

TPBM likes to write?

I do write poems and short stories and obviously I write on episode.

TPBM likes to read?


TPBM has been on a plane before?


TPBM is playing another forum game ?

Yes :joy:

TPBM is ticklish?

I am so ticklish

TPBM has sensative skin

Well if you count my face being covered in pimples and acne, and when I finally get it clear, it flares up in pimples AGAIN.

TPBM has read a community written story today

Well, nope.

TPBM has never seen a rainbow?

Nah I see them alot

TPBM has never had skittles

No I have, but I haven’t had them for a very long time now

TPBM is exhausted?

Yeah, very much…

TPBM can do somersaults?