The planning of a story

I was wondering how each writer differently plans their stories!! If you have any tips & tricks, or just anything to share, let’s chat because I’m curious and struggling a bit with planning my story <3

edit : tysmm for all the replies I think they will really help me !! <3 I appreciate it


Any ideas, important or not, write down in a notebook. I just make some bullets and put all planned events in order, a summary with a hook before I start.


The first thing I do is plan the storyline, I do this by making a Google Drive folder, I make a lot of different docs in there…
So as I said the first thing is the main storyline, just a summary, nothing too big.
When I’m done with that I plan out my characters, first the MC, second the LI('s), third important side characters…
This is what I write down for them: Full name, birthday/age, fears, personality, romantic history, their past (childhood), and Sexuality, Gender & Pronounce.
The childhood parts took up like 1/3 of a whole page for me, since I wanted to be as detailed as possible, yet without writing too much.
After that, I planned out a few chapters, just the main things that were gonna happen.
And then I started coding/writing.

I did all these things in different docs to keep it organized, but it is just what you prefer to do


I have a little page that I jot down ideas on in my notes. Usually I get ideas when I’m supposed to be asleep. I don’t plan everything out, I just start writing whatever comes to mind. The problem is that I now have like 12 unfinished storied with only part of a chapter completed :joy:

I would do whatever feels right for you. If you easily forget, I suggest writing the ideas down.


For the actual story I usually use wattp*d. I type it up novel form and it works for me and for characters there are many templates you can use to develop characters using basic questions. There is one I used in the DL contest thread by @M_H_C_Episode (sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged) it was amazing because for once I actually got thinking about what I need to know about my characters.


I posted a thread about helpful tips for authors! I hope it helps you in some way!! :pleading_face: :heartpulse: :heartbeat:


Okay tysmm!! and ty again for everyone who replied!!! <333


Long post warning :joy:

Ok when I am planning a story I ask myself these questions:

  1. What genera do you want to write?
  2. What do I want to write about?
  3. What characters do I want in it?
  4. Why is each character important?
  5. What are somethings that people like in this genre?
  6. What is something similar to what other stories of this genre have in common
  7. Is this an original Idea or does it just seem original?
  8. Is my story to predictable?

If you ask your self those questions you will get the basic info about your story.

After I try to develop the plot into small summary’s:

Rising action
falling action
And sometimes cliffhanger

this takes me about 1-3 to figure out completely

After that I start to think of what I would like in my story

Example: Full CC, Point system, How advance I want my story.

After that I start to write my story

Often my mind will just run and run with creativity so I just flow through the story.


Jot down information
Make sure to preview your story for coding errors
Have a close friend view your story and ask for there honest opinion
Make sure spelling is correct
If you are not sure if your story is to long or to short preview it and time your self going through it as if you were the reader.
If you deal with writers block stop writing for a while and enjoy a few days and get back to it (also reading book is a great way to deal with writers block)

This is all I got for you I hope this helps

Good luck on your story :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Thank you soo muchh <333


No prob! Happy to help an another writer :heart:


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Everybody else with their long answers…
Me: I don’t plan. :neutral_face:


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I generally come up with an outline of a plot in my head and then I get an idea of the characters along with it as well as their roles and how their roles compliment or clash with other characters. From there, I get ideas and develop everything more without writing it down and eventually I know everything about the characters by heart.
The first part and the ending are always the easiest for me to come up with, it’s the rest in the middle that normally leaves me wondering what should happen.

But for specific dialogues and specific scenes that pop into my head, I write them down. Usually they’re important dialogues and important scenes, or aesthetic scenes, touching scenes or scenes that really show character development for either one character, or more than one. For branching though, I put that into a table as I go along with writing, just so I’m not left wondering what my flags were named etc.


So with me I like to get some of my ideas from others writers but. Don’t copy and random ideas just pop out of my head :relaxed:


I’m not sure if this will be any help.

  • I usually write my ideas in google docs immediately after getting an idea for one.
    It really helps and when you combine those ideas together, you can get an amazing story.

  • If you’re looking for story ideas, I would recommend watching tv shows to get some inspiration.

  • Think about the character’s backstory, their personality, likes and dislikes.
    If you’re worrying about ‘same character personalities’ (I named it myself), then you can use the personalities of those around you.

I hope these small tips can help you to develop a wonderful story. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t really plan my stories! I have a “global” idea of what my story will be about and how I will bring it to the readers.
By writing, ideas come in my head, and sometimes, ideas come in my head but not at the right time. For example, I can have an idea at 3 am and write it in my notes right away to not forget it.

But to remember the personalities of my characters to know how they will behave, I create a table on Google Docs for them (age, relationships, etc…)

Sometimes, I write the dialogue in advance when I know what I want to happen next.
Idk if this is going to help but, this is how I do!


S A M E :joy:

But one thing I struggle with is giving my main character a personality. It’s easy for me to give personalities to every other character: the LI(s), the best friend(s), the rest of the crew, the parents. But when it comes to the main character, I can’t.
And I also don’t like to make the main character resemble myself. I usually take small parts of my personality or personalities of my real-life friends or acquaintances and distribute them among the characters. And yet somehow the MC always ends up having the least of a personality.


MC personality is so hard to come up with, I think I do take a bit of my personality to put in there, but also not? It’s so hard lmao


I suggest not forcing each single thing to go your way. “OMG BUT COLE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A WOMANIZER UGHH”. Why?
When I write, I usually get this impression of every character. I look at them and my imagination automatically births a personality. Or small parts of their personality. I look at the LI and I think “ok, this guy has a really sweet relationship with his mother”. I write it down.
I don’t create a character to fill in a position. I create a position for the character I already created.
I find that the characters write themselves and it’s more natural to follow that route than to force something in there that will also radiate it was forced.
“UGHHH BUT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO KISS IN THIS SCENE” BUT I overdirected and overplanned it and overthought it and put way too many details in it and now the kissing scene won’t fit naturally into it. Well, then let them miss the kiss. It creates more suspense and longing from the reader. The more something is due, the more excited the readers will be when it actually happens. (but please don’t exaggerate, it might get boring or it might be visible that you’re delaying something on purpose to mess with the reader’s mind).
I think a good part of writing a story is planning and a good part is just going with the flow, listening to what the characters want.