The planning of a story

I just write my planned episodes on my notes app.

  • Scene 1
    The MC is in her room and she’s overthinking everything that happened between her and her LI

  • Scene 2
    The MC goes out for a walk to distract herself but everything reminds her of the LI

  • Scene 3
    Meanwhile the LI is also thinking about what happened to her and the MC

And I just write the most important things of each scene. BUT SOMETIMES I DO GO WITH THE FLOW AND I DON’T LISTEN TO MY NOTES! It’s on my notes for a reason. Sometimes the last minute I will come up with something better.
Also I have different notes. The other one will be about the characters

  • Joan (MC)
    Positive personality traits


Negative personality traits
2.Gets jealous easily

I am going through planning story as well


Let me say that I hate planning out stuff in general. So adjust your own ways to plan to not make it boring.
First figure out what planner you prefer to use. I tried using a notebook, but I didn’t like it due to personal preferences. You can explore if you like using paper or laptop, I like using pc, but it’s different for everyone. You can use google presentations/PowerPoint, google documents/Word or this website which I use right now.
I’m gonna show everyone how I do it. Be inspired, “steal” parts of my plan, do what ever you want.

This is how I do it:

1.Planner: As I said, figure out if you like digital or notebook planning.

2.Story Idea: The context, figure out the main idea. You can explain your idea in a short sentence such as “Bad boy has issues, but falls in love with crazy bold girl. Together they face many challenges.”

.3. Characters: I always start with MC and LI, then MC’s besties. And I do this one by one because I like to focus one character at a time.
First the protagonists then antagonists.
– Figure out basic infos like, full name, useful background infos, apperance.

4.Plots And Idea: I like to brainstorm ideas and plots in my planner.
– MC meets Bad boy in a bar.
– Bad boy decides to make a birthday party with Bestie 1 for MC
– MC is stuck in a cabing wih Bad boy
– MC gradually turn Bad boy to golden sweet boy.
– Bad boy didn’t cheat on MC, but that’s what MC thinks.
Do yall see what I mean? Hehe.

5.Connect: When you have enough ideas it’s time to build a structure. Collect all your ideas and make what I call, A.M.Z (it sounds stupid lmao, but it works for me i guess). The letter A is the first letter of the english alphabet, M is the middle, and Z is the last.

A: The beginning of the story:
– MC is comes to school late together with Bad boy (omg what a rare unique concidence)
–Then Bad boy and MC have to partner up to an important project (say whaat)
–Bad boy tries to flirt with MC, but MC doesn’t get affected by him.

B: In the middle of the story.
–MC slowly falls in love with Bad boy, she believes she can change him ( :pleading_face: :pleading_face:)
–But Bad boy is sad because of MC, so he joins the mafia for the storys sake (Kidding! Bad boy has issues too :disappointed:)
–MC tries to save him, and they also have their first kiss.
–Oh no, Bad boy think he’s gonna die.

Z: The end of the story.
–After graduation they marry each other.
–Bad boy becomes the CEO and succesful while MC owns a library.
–They decide to have kids (twins to be specific).
–Bad boy dies, but the family stays strong and continues their life.

See what I mean? Of course the list will be A LOT longer, but this is just an example.
7.Divide Now that you have your A.M.Z list divide this into chapters, check out how much you wanna fit in. Avoid fillers as much as possible! Each scene, character, plot needs to matter!

6.Patience: The key is patience, patience, PATIENCE or else you will lose your mind.

Damn, I’ve never written soooo much here. My eyes are watering because of my screen time(unrelated, but whatever)