The Pluvia Bazaar Operation - SIGN UPS



Can I reserve for one female Coelum and one male Unda


No sorry, too many female Coelums … You can make a male Coelum tho


Reserve for a male Coelum please?


of course but you can only make it male or a transgender


Okay he’s a male


And can I reserve a female Calor please?


Of course but please make them soon since the reserved list is getting clogged with reserves only


@ScarletSwanHunter and @Daisy_Flower1 you can only make male coleum males so I’ll put you donw as coleum males , allright?


@UltimaW you can’t make two people from different speecies siblings … you can make then step-siblings but not siblings.


Coelums formed their wings by evolution over thousands of years. So in order for him to be a coelum he would have to have 2 parents who are both coelums , and the same goes for Calors. If one of the parents is a Calor and one is a Coelum their children can not be calors and coeulms , but instead mixed species. So they can’t be brother and sister .


Can they be cousin then?


Which species has the least amount of characters?


Unda … Literally I thought Pluvia would be the last resort lol




And also there was no way he was living with her in the desert withouth a place to drink becuase he didn’t evolve to be lving in desert he evolved to fly. Could you send me a new bio for him plz?


Him or Her I thought I put that For her?


Both , PM me his bio, her bio doesn’t say she has a brother


May I make a male for Unda, then?


Sure you can


Can i change the species then and keep it female?