The Poerty thread

Hey! Welcome to the Poetry thread! This thread is made to express your ideas or experiences to others as you wished you could express youself every time you spoke. Poetry is written to express and relieve strong emotion. Poetry is a song from the heart, put into words. Poetry isn’t a peice of literature poets randomly write down. It isn’t a skill you can pick up out of the blue, or a skill you can be born with. A Poem, in its entirety, is a way a poet or an author, expresses their views on the earth, life, or emotions.

To me, I can’t tell you how much i like it and how much it influence me…
Poetry for me is the way i express myself and translate my heart’s emotions and feelings…Poetry is a part of me…
My poems are from my heart and I write them about myself and things that has heppened in my life, so my poetry means everything to be, they are my life and my soul…Read them and you will get to know the real me…

Two different worlds…
You see, we just two different people

I said with a chuckle…

Everyone saw it as a different thing though

Which made me say no no

Even when we couldn’t seem to find our way together

Always disagreeing with each other

Thought I wasn’t good enough

Always talked down from another

Never needed the love I had

Got tired of me real fast

Couldn’t breathe the air we shared

Thought is was too toxic

Our difference wasn’t the same

You left

I stayed

In that toxic air

Waiting for you to return

They told me to leave

They said I needed to breathe

But instead I stayed there

Waiting for you to come back for me…

We was supposed to be in this together

But I fought this battle alone

This went on for months

No, scratch that YEARS!

I was getting so low

I needed to know

Was it me?

Did I do something wrong?

I suddenly lost touch of reality

This toxic air was beating me

Didn’t you see?

I needed to be free

I felt myself being lifted up

I instantly thought it was you

I knew you was coming back for me

But you were no where to be found

Hey! Where are you?

A couple days passed…

You came back brand new

I thought we could talk about this

But I saw you switched bodies too

I knew for a fact that this was too good to be true

I was the working girl


You was the cover girl

Then it dawned on me…

Baby girl, we was just from two different worlds…

You can post your poems, or anything here! As long as you don’t start nothing. This is not the thread for arguments, so please don’t bring it over here thinking you gon get you some attention because you’ll be looking damn fool if you decide to


Roses are red

My name is not Dave

This makes no sense



life is short
and so is my height
i wish I could live
on this website


Romance is all a lie by Claire Mersons

I wake up to expect

I wake up to forget

All these beautiful lies

I’m a fool to these alibies

To see you with someone else

Who makes you laugh and smile

I’m glad to see you happy

But I wait a while

To know inside I’m…scabby

Why is Romance a lie?

You’re my kind of guy

Who makes me hurt inside

  • Claire

I am an old soul
And I want to feel whole
With out feeling pain
that never seems
to go away
i wish I could say that I was okay
without feeling the lying pain


I like it :heart:

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From my tiny ugly heart.

Your heart isn’t ugly nor tiny. Its gold, it just needs to grow :heart:

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it was a joke but ok lol

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Oh. Lol

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I mean my first one wasnt

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Everyone poems are good! Even if you typed 1 line :sweat_smile:

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My friend and I wrote a poem. I will post it here when I get my copy. It is about a snake.

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