The point system help

I made this scene you can unlock if you have more than 3 points. can someone tell me what I do wrong . it works sometimes but not always

if (BGWOMAN3 > 3) {

    JANE (think)
(Wade he looks out of it.i should go talk to him. )
    JANE (primp)
(He is Dons best friend and I need to be on his good side. )

@zoom reset
@cut to zone 1

@JANE enters from right to screen center
@pause for 0.2
@speechbubble is 221 248 to 100% with tail_top_left
@WADE moves to layer 2
@JANE moves to layer 1
JANE (talk_reassure)
Hey, are you okay?

@speechbubble is 173 146 to 100% with tail_top_left
&JANE is idle
WADE (talk_doubtful)
Do I look okay?

there is more text i removed it cause it is a pretty long scene


else {
INT. COZY RESTAURANT - DAY with TRAY to 0.177 287 263 in zone 3
@cut to zone 3
@JANE spot 0.685 258 233
JANE (idle_hold_drink)
(i got my break now.)



im not sure but try
if (BGWOMAN3 > 2) {. i think > 3 means 4+ and 2 is 3+.

thanks ill try that

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