The Points System

Yes! It will just add a point to the character nothing else!

Okay, thanks. Also, if I want to give them points to a one character and not the other, I would say “@character +1 to @character2”?

Im not sure I understand what you mean :see_no_evil:
But its just like you say @CHARACTER +1 if your character name is leo then @ LEO +1 you don’t need to mention any other characters!

Sorry lmao I’m not good at explaining things… let’s say a character has multiple love interests and they end up with the one that they have the most points with. How do you give someone relationship points with a certain person? (sorry bro I’m new n got a lot of dumb questions)

Okay so let’s say there are three different levels of relationships in my story: enemies (less than 0), acquaintances (1-5), and friends (above 5).

It may be a dumb question, but how would I code (if @CHARACTER is 1-5)? Because if I say they’re acquaintances if they have less than 5, that could also be in the enemy category right? I guess I’m just asking how to use the if/elif/else method for a certain range of points instead of just less/greater than or equal to? I’m still working on the script, so this may not even be a problem, but I’m just wondering. Thanks!

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This may already have been asked, but points are maintained across different episodes, right? It does not automatically reset to 0 at the beginning of a new episode?

Points are accumulated throughout episodes.

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Cam someone help me out ?
My story has 4 love interests and im not sure how to code it to have the MC have points with all of them
It’s like @sophookles story College of eternity where at first there are 3 love interests and another comes along.

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Do you need an example of the code ?

Yes i do

I’m writing a story that I plan for it to have two different endings based on points.
Theres 100 points in total and you can either get the sad ending or the happy ending.
To have the happy ending you need 60 or more points, anything less than 60 you get the sad ending.

Can someone please show me how I write this?
Thankyou x

if (CHARACTER = 60) {
Happy ending

} elif (CHARACTER > 60) {
Happy ending

} elif (CHARACTER < 60) {
Sad ending


Hiya! Will the points the reader obtained reset if a published chapter is updated?

So helpful! Thank you.

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Sorry so the points will reset to zero each chapter? You can’t sum them?

No, points accumulate throughout your whole story.

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That’s awesome! Thanks! I had no clue