The Points System



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Can someone help me idk what I’m doing wrong. I want it to be if the “TELL HIM” the gain his trust that could help in the end. Or “LIE” and it effects their friendship.

if “Tell him” {

    MELODY (talk_armraised_sad)
Someones been sending me some weird messages
    MELODY (talk_whisper_unsure)
Then they sent me a dead rat

    TROY (talk_confused_mindblown)
A Dead Rat!

    TROY (talk_explain_neutral)
Look maybe it's just some weird kid crushing on you

    TROY (talk_agree_happy)
I'll keep an ear out for you

    MELODY (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
Thanks Troy that means a lot

“Lie” {

    MELODY (talk_apathetic)
Oh just walking around

    TROY (talk_unsure)
Umm okay.

    TROY (talk_apathetic)
April told me about the weird stuff happening

    MELODY (talk_complain_angry)
Nothings happening, I'm fine

    TROY (talk_agree_happy)
Okay, I'll keep an ear out for you just in case

    MELODY (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
Sure Troy



You’re mixing a choice with the if/elif/else code? Are you trying to create a choice or are you trying to remember a past choice?


A choice that would give the reader points. I’m thinking of adding a scene at the end that if she has enough friendship points, or something she can call one of her friends for help.


Remove the if/elif from that choice. The if/elif/else is only used for later on, you don’t mix it with the choice.


For my newest story I’m planning to show a personality bar that reflects the personality of a character based on the decisions of the user.
Would it be possible to write a code like this (with the Boy & Girl example):
Boy has 6 points in total while Girl has 3
My code would look like this:
If (BOY - GIRL = 3) {
Then lorem ipsum
If (BOY - GIRL = 2) {
Lorem Ipsum

And so forth, since I can’t count the amount of points myself…
Thanks for your answer!


What are you trying to do? Are you subtracting the girl points from the boy points? The format you gave an example of will not work.


Thanks for your quick reply.
What I’m trying to do is having personality decisions with two options (e.g. introvert - extrovert). So i’d like to distract introvert from extrovert to see which one is bigger and by what margin which will have an influence on the plot
Is there a way to get this done or only like in the examples above?


Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to subtract character points from other character points.


Thank you so much!! I’ve been looking for a template for this in so long!


Do the points carry over episodes?


Yes they do


Alright thanks for replying


What would something like this CHARACTER<1 mean in the if,elif,else method?


That means your character has less than 1 point.

< means less than
> means greater than
= means equel to


Wow thank you so much for that post. I struggled so much to find this information. :relaxed:


Does it matter if I do } elif (CHAR = 0) { or } elif (CHAR =0) { The reason I ask is that some choices I have a space and some I don’t. Which is right? Does it matter? Should I go back and change them all to have a space or no space? :open_mouth:


You can have spaces or no spaces. Any of these works:

(CHAR = 1)
(CHAR =1)
(CHAR= 1)


Thanks! I’d been doing it for yrs, but once I noticed I was like UMG :open_mouth: haha