The Pokemon Discussion :)

. Who is your favorite Pokemon.?
. At the first episode of the TV Program Pokemon Sacha had to make a choice between Charmander,Squirtle and Bulbizard wich one you choose at his place (Without knowing that anyway you will end with Pikachu :wink:)
. Do you like the Team Rocket with the famous Meowth?
. Which one is your favorite evolution between Mey and Meytoo
. Who is your favorite character in this TV Program?


Charmander :fire::fire:


:yay: Charmander


I’ve always loved Mewtwo


My favorite Pokémon are Pikachu and Greninja.

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So before I answer any of these, I am not a big Pokemon fan when it comes to the shows or comics :sweat_smile: I play the video games and have only a few cards. I just got into Pokemon because my sister has some cards and bought Let’s Go Evee, I’ve loved it ever since!

  1. But, I LOVE Boltund to the ends of the earth!! I have a great Mudsdale, it reminds me of the big horse you can get in Legend of Zelda, she is a BEAST! The Eveelutions are amazing too! I definitely don’t have a top favorite though.

  2. Never watched it like I said, but I would choose Squirtle!

  3. Team Rocket was annoying and pretty easy to beat, but I had fun playing against them in both the Let’s Go games

  4. Well I think they are both cute and good Pokemon, but if you are referring to the comics, I never have watched it. So I don’t have a favorite character

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  • I always loved eevee, vulpix and squirtle And I’ve only watched the pokemon indigo so idk about the pokemons after that
  • Squirtle
  • Yes they are iconic!! Love em
  • Idk I don’t think anything of em
  • Favourite character has to me Brock
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