The Post Feature on the App Won’t Work

Hi, so a few weeks ago the post feature was added to episode. Where you could post a status, etc. I can’t access that feature at all and can’t see other people’s posts as well. Is there anything you need in order to get it? Like being a featured writer? Or is it accessible to everyone? I was just looking for a solution or anything I can do to get access to that feature, thanks :slight_smile:

Last I heard it was in beta testing I haven’t heard anything about it being released to everyone BUT that’s just what I KNOW

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Not everybody has it yet :slightly_frowning_face:


I have it.

Edit: just checked again. I used to have don’t know why it’s not there. :thinking:


If everyone who is experiencing this could kindly submit a ticket with details about the issue here it would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Thanks for the replies everyone! I’ve contacted the support team and I’m hoping to get it resolved :slight_smile: