The premium clothes

what’s the point of withholding all the premium clothes?


Probably to give people incentive to read their “official” stories. Trust me, we all wish they didn’t; there are some really nice clothes locked behind that “premium” category lol!

They do give “Wish List” items with each update though and sometimes you can catch background characters from one story wearing premium outfits from other stories (which qualifies them for the wish list). :slight_smile:

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What’s the point of the official stories? Do they get money from it or smth? they make so many of them, do they think that the same plot will be more interesting the 17th time?? :sob:


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Much like Hollywood, they’re out of original ideas and put out only what they consider to be a “sure thing”. So you get the same recycled story time and time again because that must be what people want. As I understand it, they do do limited release testing for stories before they fully release them (at least for some of them). So it’s entirely possible they’ve tried other types of stories but they didn’t do as well as they’d like during the limited release testing phase. In which case, there’s really no one to blame but the audience itself for constantly choosing to read the same thing over and over again.


i still don’t get why they make them at all. why not put more effort in promoting user stories instead?

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Because there’s no money in it for them. They already have staff writers and promote those stories when they come out. Those stories have a ton of gems choices designed to manipulate and shame readers into spending gems on them. While most community stories do now use gems choices, I haven’t come across any that have the same number of choices with the same high price point as the episode originals. And I’ve only come across a few that are as exploitive as they are. So why would Episode waste money promoting community stories that they don’t believe will make them as much money? They’ve already made it more and more difficult to unlock community stories for new users, to the point where new users appear to be quitting the app before they even get to community stories. Their behavior suggests they recognize the need for community stories to fill out the apps catalog, but also resent them because readers overwhelmingly prefer those stories to the originals, and it’s the originals where they make most of their money.