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:heavy_heart_exclamation:Welcome to The Pretty People!:heavy_heart_exclamation: Hosted by @Aims1141
Welcome to Rosewire, where the most intelligent, snobby and rich students attend.(For the Privileged kids that have either a celebrity or rich parent…). It’s most known for the unjustified rule of fitting the “pretty” requirement. Kids here are nothing but spoiled…at least that’s the persona that Rosewire is trying to uphold until the Evergreen students arrive! You see, the Evergreen students are the complete opposite of Rosewire standards, instead of learning, you prank or steal. For years Evergreen and Roswire have feuded for their significant differences but what happens when these middle-class students and first-class students have to share the same school by the government after Evergreen was shut down from all its mischeif!? Will these Evergreen students change Roswire and make it there own or will the Rosewire students retaliate? Or worse, start a relationship with a student from the opposite school!? Find out…


Sign Ups!

Face Claims

Face Claims! (Coming soon)

Rosewire students

-Kirra Nellie by @EpisodeShadow
-Wren Tasman by @EpisodeShadow -
-Alex Reyes by @dramaqueen.episode
-Andromeda Iris Inaviez by @rvaleria322
-Savannah Fletcher by @KatieI
-Christian Leung by @Caticorn
-Abrianna “Bri” Long by @riahh30
-Ivy Jones by @Coolepisodes
-Alexis Antares Hawthorne by @ManonErevoolsed

Evergreen students

-Daisy Washous by @EVL.Daisy -
-Ellif Hamptons by @Aims1141
-Sully Winters by @dramaqueen.episode
-Hannah vein by @Forever1201
-Arya Brooks by @amberh.episode
-River Catlin by @Caticorn
-Leo Gray by @Coolepisodes
-Darius Parson by @riahh30
-Raven Campbell by @ManonErevoolsed


Any similarities are unintentional and not intended!




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The Pretty People - {OFFICIAL RP}

Can I reserve on Rosewire student and one Evergreen student?




Pretty sure that was the saddest thing to write for me. I’m really not funny… I’m just a sad life form. :sweat_smile: …Also can I reserve an Evergreen student?




One Rosewire and a Evergreen student if possible please.


When do you think you’ll be publishing the story? It sounds great and can’t wait to read it!


Its a roleplay lol!




Oof sorry, sometimes I’m stupid… most of the time I’m stupid.


No you’re not! It was just a misunderstanding! Would you still like to be apart of the RP?


Love too!




Submitted for Two Rosewire: Wren Tasman and Kirra Nellie.


No idea what I just signed up for, but why the heck not?! :grin:


:joy::joy: I hope you enjoy it!


Me too :joy: I’m sure it’ll be great! :grin:


Hey! So I’m planning an making a character on here (Andromeda) and she’s a Rosewire student. I want her to have a best friend in school tho :grin: Basically she’s sort of a troublemaker, rebel, and daredevil. She’s sarcastic and frankly doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings except for the people around her :joy: Anyone wanna be her friend??


I’ll make a character so they could be best friends! Her name is Ellif!


Ok perfect! I’ll start filling out the form :grin: