The Pretty People - ROLE PLAY SIGN UPS!



If you don’t me too I can stop its just easier… :sweat_smile:


Sounds good, as long as she gives the last slap. :joy: I just can’t help but want to win.


Okay so I edit my post to where Sully is about to hit Daisy?


Neither of us wins… Or else I’ll make Daisy go back for round two!


Sounds good!




So, I’ll let Sully explain to Arya .

Bring it on sister :triumph:


Ok I like what you did!!! I think we should just go from there now!


OK but I’mma bud in so don’t make it too long! let Daisy have a chance to explain someeeee… And why didn’t we just make another chat instead???


Right, I was in a rush to say what I had to say. We should have done that, and I wanted to get her side of the story down anyways I’ll get to that.


Ok sounds good! I’ll probably take a soon break for bit (Like 10 minutes) because I’ll have to get this loaded on my phone


@EVL.Daisy could you post Daisy’s FC?


Sure here or…?


Here is fine.



nods mhm fits the character OKAY TIME TO MAKE A POST


Daisy’s a beaut ain’t she… Imma go crawl in a hole now


Lol, I gawk at my characters FC all the time so it’s fine


:joy: Thank I feel alittle more normal now :sweat_smile:


What is she wearing right now? What is Sully wearing? @dramaqueen.episode