The Pretty People - ROLE PLAY SIGN UPS!



Sully is wearing this.

Its about to be 12 for me so goodnight guys.



Night y’all!


Face claims are finally here! A big thank you (again lol) to @Caticorn for helping me!

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Just want to remind everyone:

Don’t control other people’s characters or enter a conversation without discussing it beforehand. Also, please wait for someone to respond before moving on. Remember to not have your characters OP (overpowering) and keep them realistic. I’m busy doing school and other things, so I can’t reply right away and same with other people. Thank you.


I completely understand, but we didn’t control any ones character, I guess we probably should have waited a bit for responses, but in this ending… yeah I got nothing else for this. I was just bored :neutral_face::no_mouth::+1:t4:


Is anyone approachable?


OOOH! can I join? Or is it too late😅?


I know its late but Sully is by a bench and Alex is under a tree.


Can someone approach my characters so we could get the RP going again.

It was fun.


Alex (That’s your Rosewire student, right?) could approach my character Christian


Yeah, where is Christian and I feel like I remember Christian?
I think I made Alex ditch Christian for some reason.


I think you did. You can just put him wherever.


Well I’ll see what I’ll do, just give me a moment to get the post ready.