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Submitted a character for Evergreen!


I just put her on!


Anyone want to be friends or something with my character River?


River is the type of person who speaks their mind and if you don’t like it, too bad for you. When you first meet them, they can come off as hostile and just generally unfriendly, mostly due to the fact that they usually lie through their teeth when asked direct questions, but once you gain their trust, they will protect you with their entire being.


I’m adding a guy later, I’ll post his personality/faceclaim when I figure it out




What school is River from?


Evergreen High


I volunteer my character! I feel like they would get along, some similarities. Though I forgot to write them down because I rushed to submit it


What’s your character’s name?


Arya Brooks.

I should have saved all her information…

@Aims1141, can you DM me my character’s profile please? I forgot to put in all into a document.


Would the two be friends, enemies, potential love interests?




Here is her personality:

Arya always wants what she can’t have. Whether it be some new boots, earrings, or someone else’s man. Doesn’t matter if she has those things already, she just wants it all. Arya doesn’t care what people think of her and puts looks before personality. At her school, Evergreen, she’s known to be a bit of a heartbreaker. She’s slept with multiple guys and then dumps them a few weeks later. People have called her names, but who cares? She’s living her best life.

She’ll start random arguments and judge people too quickly just based off their looks. Most of the time she’s pretty spot on… Arya can be a violent person at times, but mostly when someone gets on her nerves. And it’s not a good thing to be on Arya’s bad side.

And her faceclaim:

She’s 16


So is River


Good to know! We can make them friends and idk, maybe love interests later on. I was hoping for Arya to start with a boyfriend, but one of the rpers haven’t messaged me back yet. She’d bend both ways.


Friends/potential love interests?




Ok, so I was very confused when I submitted my thingy. So screw everything I said, please change it too

Basically, screw everything I said. I was a bit… confused

Daisy Washous likes to start the most useless arguments, always is right, lies about everything. Lives on her own, she is 16 almost 17, her father died in a car accident when she was 3, mother is a junkie, brother died of cancer when he was 9 (She was 11). She doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone but her self. Generally is a rude person who only likes to mess with people. She’s very sarcastic, but once you know her she’ll always be there for you, and is actually really funny.


Its fine, thanks!


I signed up! :blush:


Yay! Thanks girl!