The Pretty People - ROLE PLAY SIGN UPS!



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My character: Raven Campbell.
She’s 16 btw and goes to evergreen

If someone wants to be her potential love intrest DM me.

Her Looks are deceiving, she looks nice but she’s really rude. It’s hard to love her but once you do, she’ll quickly become the best person in your life. She’s extremely curious and super determined.If she want’s something, she’ll get it. She’s known for starting fights and arguments, but she’s just a misunderstood girl. She’s extremely smart and when she cares about you, she’ll do anything for you. She’s reckless.

Characters Backstory
She’s very rude to people because she doesn’t trust anyone. Her parents were killed during an exhibiton, she just made it alive. She doesn’t trust many people because she’s always scared. Scared to put others in danger. She was adopted by a family but she tends to cut them off. She’s only home to sleep. Her adopted brother quickly became her enemy. He’s the exact opposite.


Lol @Aims1141 can you tell me my characters names lol.


If you scroll up the thread I’ve listed who each student is from roswire and evergreen x


Reserve for 1 Evergreen student


Creating Characters…


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This seems fun!! Reserving ehh a girl and boy!




Reserve for one teacher please


Hey, so I’m tryna get Andromeda angry and make her kinda argue with Alex and then I don’t know what will happen :joy: . He’s being rude and is walking away mid convo, have her yell something that catches his attention maybe.


Lol ok :joy::joy:, what about “Rude much, you talk to your mother with that mouth?”


Hey so I submitted my guy! When can I start?


ORP: @Forever1201 @Doksan Either of you on?


Orp: I am


Nice, I gotta make sure he has a good comeback .


ORP: Wanna continue then, cuz I’m really bored rn