The Pretty People - ROLE PLAY SIGN UPS!



Do you want Alex to be a flirt now to make it interesting Is she heterosexual ? or plain old mean and rude, still interesting ?


Andromeda is straight, so really how Alex acts towards her is your decision :grin: :blush: I’m horrible at decision-making lol :joy:


Whyyyyyyyyyy ? Don’t do this to me, anyways I’ll make him a flirt. I’m clueless and I don’t wanna think too much on one simple choice.


Mood literally every single day :joy::joy: Every time someone asks me what drink/food I want, I’d literally be staring at the menu for half an hour debating between two things, and then end up getting something different altogether :joy:


I don’t know what kind of flirt that was but yeah :joy::rofl:

This life of mine.


Lol its fine :joy::joy:


@EVL.Daisy , haha I’m glad you’re enjoying it, thanks to the amazing Andromeda and her creator.

@rvaleria322 , I was wondering how could I make it flirty yet not so flirty. I’m a weird person, coming up with that was hard. I was like what should he say?, how?, what should he do?
Then I got the idea of making him sound too flirty but really he wasn’t all that.
I’m pretty sure you won’t understand what I just put here :joy:


I’m loving it! :joy: But really don’t mind me, I’m a bit ‘special’ sometimes… :grin:


I just started using male RP characters so I think I’m getting used to it. First it was only girl characters but I’m improving. If I had another free and approachable characterat the moment I would maybe try an approach yours. Both Sully and Alex are taken.


That’s a shame, I’m always on when no one is active and off when people are active. This is my first RP so I’m just going for it! :sweat_smile:


:sweat_smile: is my nervous emoji meaning I’ve got no damn clue what I’m doing… :sweat_smile: FUNNY! (…not)


Different time zones and yadda yadda , just keeps getting in the way.


Right, like mann find someone else’s conversation to interrupt


:joy: you’re right, like here its 9:46pm so I when its time for my school hours a lot of people will be online and going on and on, but when I get on everyone is heading to bed, doing this and that. I mean having errands, spending time with family and whats not is important but stupid time zones.


Ayeeeee! I’m in the same time zone. And I’m in middle school and my bus comes at 6:30 and drops me off at 3:45 so… I only got so much of a day. Let along a little amount of time where people I’m interacting with are on.


:partying_face: Woop woop :partying_face: Time Zone Twins
Anyways I leave for 8 A.M and end off 2:30 P.M. Then there’s ton loads of homework and projects, and right now I’m pretty sure we are sidetracking from the main idea for this thread :joy:
Where I’m from its either primary school, high school or university. I believe primary and middle school are the same.
High school starts after 8th grade for you guys or when?


Yes, primary and middle are the same, and yes after 8 is high school. We are VERY off topic, but what cha gonna do? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:


Ok, wanna hear how my first RP went ?
If you do, I’ll PM you . I don’t wanna stray anymore from the topic using this thread.


I totally get you! Sometimes I’ll be RPing with a male character and will literally spend a bajillion hours figuring out what to say/react :joy::joy: Even when I RP with girls too :joy::joy:


hey so I have my guy, JD! if anyone wants to have relationships with him/talk to him I have him approachable!