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Hey, does anyone know who created the character “JD Andrews”? I looked on the form and they didn’t put their forum name?




Ah! Thanks!


Rpo: I won’t be on until Friday


can I start with him? if so, anyone approachable!
Also is there a FC slides?


Yes! Try tagging @amberh.episode to respond now! There will be soon!




sees name JD, fangirls




Sorry, lmao. I’m trash.


Hi @Madilnel! Great to see you again :blush:


hello!!! :wave:


Maybe our characters could be in a relationship or possible love interests? TBH, I’m thinking my character Arya would be in a relationship or a strong one. She’s too much of a flirt.


Im open to any plot really! whats your character like/look like/from?


@Aims1141 I feel ashamed about asking this question, but it’s Arya’s character…

Is Mr Micallister old or young? Arya is the type to flirt with teachers… sigh


:joy::joy: Young


Let me get her personality and send you the pics of what she looks like currently in the thing. She is also an Evergreen. I could have her flirt with JD.


Arya always wants what she can’t have. Whether it be some new boots, earrings, or someone else’s man. Doesn’t matter if she has those things already, she just wants it all. Arya doesn’t care what people think of her and puts looks before personality. At her school, Evergreen, she’s known to be a bit of a heartbreaker. She’s slept with multiple guys and then dumps them a few weeks later. People have called her names, but who cares? She’s living her best life.

She’ll start random arguments and judge people too quickly just based off their looks. Most of the time she’s pretty spot on… Arya can be a violent person at times, but mostly when someone gets on her nerves. And it’s not a good thing to be on Arya’s bad side.

Current look and outfit:


oh god, should I have her try and flirt with him?


Uh. Um. hmmm. :joy::joy: Sure, you’ll probably get rejected but…


they could have had a fling with each other previously or something like that!